Is Halo Infinite Campaign Co Op?

Halo Infinite, a 2021 first person shooter video game, was developed by 343 Industries. Xbox Game Studios publishes it. It is the sixth major entry in the Halo series and the third in “Reclaimer Saga”, following Halo 5 Guardians.

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Halo Infinite Campaign Co Op

Split-screen campaign co-op allows you to play the campaign with your friend on the same TV.

Halo Infinite makes it difficult for players to lose in both the biggest Halo campaign and multiplayer with Arena or Big Team Battle. Although Halo Infinite’s campaign was widely acclaimed and is now available, co-op was not offered at launch. This feature, a mainstay of previous mainline Halo games, has not been abandoned entirely. Instead, it was delayed by 343 Industries, which allowed them to refine other aspects of the single-player campaign.

According to the roadmap, 343 Industries does not expect split-screen co-op to be launched until the third multiplayer season which starts November 8th. The roadmap indicates that split-screen coop will undertake “TBD” at some point.

The roadmap indicates that 343 Industries will also release a feature that allows you to replay campaign missions in late August. This was an important omission at launch.

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Can You Play Co-Op On Halo Infinite?

Campaign co-op is not available in Halo Infinite at the moment. However, 343 Industries has confirmed that it will soon be available and provided an approximate release date for us to work with. This means that you and your friend can play the game together in the future, and not just in standard multiplayer. It will save the galaxy.

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