Is Helldivers Split Screen?

Helldivers is a top-down shooting game created by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game came out for players on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita with cross-play, on March 3rd 2015. It was released in North America and on March 4 in Europe and North America, respectively.

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Helldivers Split Screen

There isn’t a splitscreen feature, however you and your partner can play the same game on the same screen when you plug in a controller and let him play while inside the ship.Helldivers supports co-op with four players. It also allows the cross-play feature and crosses save between PS4, PS3, and PS Vita versions. Two players can be playing on the PS4 and two additional players can join with PS3s and Vitas together in the same area.

To play local op on Helldivers simply plug in the joystick and press start. The other players will be playing with the same unlock that you have (there are no split exps or research points and just a copy of your progress) And, btw, you can play local and online simultaneously (start the mission with a buddy as local and any player online is able to play with you).

Does Helldivers work with ps5?

Helldivers is an action-packed Shoot ’em-up game available for PS4 created by Arrowhead Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Helldivers (PS4) can be played backwards compatible with PlayStation 5, offering a single graphics display mode with 2160c resolution with locked 60 FPS.

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Is Helldivers going to get an update?

Another intriguing addition that gives this datamine some credibility is the reference to Helldivers 2, a sequel to the brutal top-down tactical shooter by Arrowhead. The developer has been whispering about a sequel on the way for quite some time which means we are close to announcing the game.

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