Which One Is Better Xbox Or PlayStation?

Deciding that you want to purchase a gaming console is very easy, but the real difficulty lies in deciding which one to purchase. There are several gaming consoles out there, and before laying your hands on one to spend such a huge amount on it, you should know everything about it. Since Xbox and PlayStation are the two most popular names in the gaming consoles, you should first check out which one is better Xbox or PlayStation?

Between Xbox and PlayStation, more points go to PlayStation for a series of reasons that cannot be neglected at all. From the number of games available to the VR feature to the storage capacity, PlayStation surpasses Xbox in every way. 

Life looks lacking unless you have a good gaming console if you love to game. In this hectic world, gaming is the best thing that can make you happy and relaxed within moments and you can feel fresh to work again. Thus, it is important that you choose the right gaming console that would qualify all your requirements. 

If you are up for purchasing a new Gaming Console but are confused about which one is better Xbox or PlayStation?, then your doubts will come to end by the end of this article. 

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Xbox Vs PlayStation: Here Is The Detailed Comparison

If you want to get the latest gaming console for yourself, then the only choice is PlayStation 5 from Sony, which is the newest one on the market. This also lets you connect to PlayStation Vita which means you would even be able to game when you are not home which is a great feature you are getting here. 

But wait, there are a lot of factors that you will need to look into before you decide which gaming console is good for you. Let’s check each of them one by one to make it easier for you to choose.

Game LibraryLatest AAA GamesFirst Party Games
HardwareEight Core AMDx86 CPU – 1.7GHZEight Core AMDx86 CPU – 1.6GHZ
DualShock ControllerNot PresentPresent
Kinetic ComboSupportedNot Supported 
Graphics PowerMoreLess

Let us know a little more about this all in detail for a better understanding. 

1. Game Library

If you check out the games that are supported on Xbox and PlayStation, you would definitely prefer PlayStation which has the latest AAA titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War, and so many more while Xbox doesn’t. 

However, Xbox gets you some first-party titles like Forza Horizon 4, Halo 5, or Gears 5. So, it is up to you what you give more priority in gaming according to which you can finalize one of these. 

2. Hardware

Hardware is also a very important aspect, not just for gaming consoles, but any other technological device. 

Without going any far, if we just simply compare Xbox One and PS4, we can see that the former has a custom eight-core AMDx86 CPU with a speed of 1.75GHz. While the PS4 also has the same CPU but runs at 1.6GHz.

The Xbox CPU also comes with the option of an external hard drive that you can use to expand the storage so that’s an advantage you get here. 

3. DualShock Controller

This is an important point that makes PlayStation consoles superior to Xbox. Yes, we are talking about the DualShock controller that comes with vibration feedback and analog sticks. This is what you will not get with your Xbox consoles. 

4. Kinetic Combo

Although PlayStation has an upper hand when it comes to DualShock controller, Xbox also has something that cannot be ignored. It is the kinetic camera and controller combo with the help of which you can just move around or speak the commands to control the game you are playing.  This is a very interesting feature and makes the gaming experience far better. 

5. Cost

If you compare the prices of various models of Xbox consoles with PlayStation consoles, you will see that there is a huge gap between the consoles with similar features, with the former being less expensive. Since, for 4k gaming experience, Xbox does better than anyone, that’s why you get to see such a vast difference in their prices. 

6. Graphics

If you compare the graphics power of both these types of consoles, it is confirmed that Xbox is nowhere close to the graphics that you will get to experience in the PlayStation consoles. 

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Xbox Vs PlayStation: Which One Is More Powerful?

If you check out the durability of both the consoles, then PlayStation consoles are better. If we talk about which console is better at pushing the limits, then again we will take the name of PlayStation. This makes it crystal clear that PlayStation consoles are undoubtedly more powerful than the Xbox consoles. 

Xbox Vs PlayStation: Which One Is More Popular?

The latest console that you will get on the market at present is the PS5, from PlayStation, and we all know that everyone goes for the newest technology. This is the reason that currently, PlayStation has become more popular than Xbox. However, as soon as Xbox launches a new model, tables will turn instantly. 

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Which One Is Better Xbox Or PlayStation?

After looking deeply through all the features both the consoles PlayStation and Xbox offer their users, it is clear that PlayStation is definitely better than the other. You get a better range of games in the library of PlayStation, you also get the Virtual Reality feature there. Moreover, the storage capacity of PlayStation is also better than Xbox consoles.

No doubt Xbox also has some features that you won’t find in PlayStation consoles, but PlayStation still wins this battle when the two are compared overall. That’s all about which one is better Xbox or PlayStation?

Wrap Up

These are all the major aspects that you need to consider as soon as you have made the decision of purchasing a gaming console. Taking into account all these differences in the features these two consoles offer, you can better choose which one will be the most suitable for you. So go ahead and get your console after carefully looking into all these features. 

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