Is Humankind Crossplay?

Is Humankind Crossplay?

Humankind is a turn-based, strategy 4X video game created by Amplitude Studios and published by Sega. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Stadia in August 2021. The game received generally positive reviews.

The most notable feature that is unique to Humankind is that in every era, the player picks one of 10 civilization types that are based on the historical societies of which they come from; the selection of this type offers incentives and consequences to the player’s ability to build out the culture. 

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Since a player can select various civilizations to build on, there are a potential of one million possible patterns of civilization that a player may create.

Humankind Crossplay

It is expected that the Stadia version won’t play crossplay. There will however be cross-play on other platforms. Humankind supports cross-play for up to eight players to play a multiplayer game. 

However, there is a caveat, since this is only available to players who play via Microsoft Store (get for free by using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) and those who play on Steam. There’s been some confusion over cross-play and which platforms support it.

Is Humankind similar to civilization?

Similar to Civilization, Cultures in Humankind are characterized by distinct districts, units and characteristics These traits remain as you move through the different eras, to define your particular capabilities and character.

How long does a game of Humankind last?

The minimum length for games is 300 turns, however, as you design your game, you’ll be able to increase the limit by 600 times. It is expected that the game that is 600 turns is more time-consuming than a 300-turn game. It generally takes an average player between 10 and 12 hours to complete the game.

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Is Humankind multiplayer peer to peer?

Humankind can play multiplayer games, but only available as multiplayer games that feature player-versus-player online. Eight players can participate in the same game. However, there’s no way to play co-op games at the moment.

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