Is Julie Banderas Still Married

In a surprising turn of events, FOX News anchor Julie Banderas announced the end of her almost decade-long marriage with husband Andrew Sansone during The discussion on “Gutfeld!” it made Valentine’s Day more touching because it was this Day.

Banderas, the mother of three children, used this occasion to air her views on marriage and talk about how it is a stupid Hallmark holiday, dismissing Valentine’s Day. She candidly elaborated that, “It is stupid even when I was married, I did not get s**t,” which generated loud applause in the audience.

Is Julie Banderas Still Married

Old Rock Media and Big Apple Channel’s founding president, Andrew Sansone of Allied Wealth Partners, as soon-to-be ex-husband. The pair, who married in August of 2009 at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City, seemed to have made a wonderful life for themselves as parents bringing up three kids and two dogs.

However, traces of problems within the marriage were visible through Banderas’s social media. On Instagram, she referred to herself as a “full-time cleaner who goes for my TV work 2 unwind,” portraying the duties she manages between her career, motherhood, and relationship.

Although Banderas posts pictures of their three kids quite often, photos with Sansone should be present in the recent ones. A family photo in December 2020 revealed a happy-looking couple, but the anchor did not offer details concerning what caused their separation.

December reports suggested that Banderas and Sansone’s relationship was under much stress. An anchor replied on Twitter directly to one of her fans who found Ms. Handler’s jokes about the husband (‘soon-to-be an ex,’ probably) amusing while receiving some additional support from her fan base that stormed in sympathetic words for the sufferer and those around them!

“He is the loser,” said a social media user. “You are always honest and great; you are concerned about everything about your viewers – I suppose you love family just as well.”

Banderas’ on-air disclosure highlighted another element of her public life – honesty and openness in a difficult personal situation.

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