Is Lethal Company Crossplay?

A good news for horror video game lovers. Zeekerss has recently launched a new horror and survival video game, Lethal Company on October 23, 2023, to gain the attention of the audience who are excited to play horror games with their friends.

As it is a freshly launched game, So, you don’t know much about this game yet. It seems like, you also don’t know whether this game supports the crossplay feature or not.

Then, unfortunately, we need to inform you that, Lethal Company is not a crossplay game. You can enjoy this game with your friends in multiplayer mode, but not in Crossplay mode.

Wanna know, why Lethal Company is not Crossplay? Let’s connect with us via the end of this article to get to know about it in detail.

Lethal Company: Platforms On Which This Game Is Available?

Lethal Company is a horror video game that was recently launched on Oct 23, 2023, by Zeekers company.

In this game, you played the role of a contracted worker for the company and needed to explore the abandoned industry just to gain some scrap for your company’s profit.

This game is a perfect blend of industry exploration with thriller and horror in it. You need to explore this horror industry and have to survive to win the game.

If you are impressed with its gameplay, then you can enjoy this game with your friends on the PC.

Yes, you heard this right, This game is currently only available on PC via Steam. Apart from PC, you are not allowed to access this game on any other console or gaming platform.

Is Lethal Company Crossplay?

Well!! No, the Lethal Company does not support the Crossplay functionality. Because it is currently only available for the PC. You can’t access this game on any other gaming platform other than PC.

That’s the biggest reason for not making the Lethal Company Crossplay. There’s no point in adding the Crossplay feature for this game, as it only supports on PC.

So, when it comes to playing this game with your friends, you can easily enjoy the game together on your different PCs by enabling it in multiplayer mode.

Will Lethal Company Be Crossplay?

Maybe Yes. As of right now, this game is only available for the PC platform. It means PC players can join together in this game without even having the Crossplay functionality.

This game may be cross-platform in the future, as soon as it is released on other platforms as well.

But, right now, this game version does not need a Crossplay feature in it.

Why Lethal Company Is Only Available For PC?

Lethal Company is an indie horror video game and it is the specialty of indie games that they first launch their game on a single platform to test the gameplay and compatibility of the game for that particular platform.

And gradually seeing the popularity of the game, they release it on other platforms also. Well!! That’s a clever move.

So, you can expect to see the Lethal Company on other gaming platforms too in the future.

Is Lethal Company Coming To PlayStation And Xbox?

Lethal Company has just launched on PC and as of right now, its developers want to check its response on PC first. So, currently, they have no plans of bringing the Lethal Company to PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

But, as soon, as any information about this game coming to consoles is announced by their team. You will be updated about that with our articles. Till then, download the game via Steam and enjoy it with your friends on PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lethal Company On Console?

No, the Lethal Company is not on the console. Currently, you can only access this game on PC.

How Many Players Is Lethal Company?

You can play with up to 4 players at a single time for Lethal Company.

Can You Play Lethal Company On Mac?

Lethal Company Mac: No, currently the game is only playable on PC.

What Is Lethal Company Xbox Release Date?

There is no further announcement of the coming Lethal Company on Xbox.


So, it is now confirmed to you that, Lethal Company is not Crossplay yet. As there is no need to make this a crossplay game. Right? Well!! Despite only being available for PC, this game receives an overwhelming response from the audience.

Apart from this, if any new update comes about the Lethal Company, then we will inform you about it. Till then, enjoy this game on PC.

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