Is LifeBoat Crossplay?

The market’s demand for cross-platform software is steadily expanding. As a result, many game creators do not enable cross-play functionality in their games. They’re also putting in a lot of effort to include this function in their game.

The majority of games on the market that people want to play are cross-platform. However, some games still do not support this feature, which is considered a flaw in the game.

A very unique game “Lifeboat” today we are going to talk about. The main question of today’s article is “Does LifeBoat Support Cross-Platform Mode”? If you are also interested in finding the answer to this question, you must read the entire article.

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Lifeboat Introduction

LifeBoat is a fast-paced card game about survival and intrigue. When the boat reaches land, players compete for the highest score- an apparently simple matter of surviving with the most riches. However, among the passengers, each player has a secret love and a secret enmity, and no one knows when landfall will occur.

LifeBoat Crossplay

Cross-Play is supported by LifeBoat. Players can Cross-Play between Xbox One and Windows. Is it also going to support Cross-Play between Windows different versions? This response has not yet been validated. We want to explore this topic in our upcoming article after conducting proper research. Till then, enjoy the Xbox One and Windows cross-play capability for this game.

Platforms that Support LifeBoat

Strange!! Lifeboat is available only on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

Microsoft Windows versions include:

  • Window 7
  • Window 8
  • Window 8.1
  • Window 10

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Is LifeBoat Support Cross-Play for Xbox One and Windows?

In the LifeBoat survival game, cross-play is possible. As you may be aware, this game is only accessible on Xbox One and Windows platforms. As a result of the cross-play feature, we can now play on both Xbox One and PC. On Xbox One, you may easily join up with friends if they’re playing this game on PC.

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