Is Muck Crossplay?

Muck is a survival-themed roguelike. Gather resources, locate objects and build an area to live as long as possible. It’s free too and you can play it for free without paying a dime. The game was designed by a programmer named “Dani”, who is a popular YouTuber as well (over 2 million users). Therefore, it’s not surprising to find that Muck is exceptionally well-known.

Muck Crossplay

Muck (formerly called Island in Beta) is a no-cost multiplayer survival game created by Dani and released on Steam on the 4th of June, 2021. Muck is indeed compatible with crossplay.

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What’s the purpose for playing the Muck game?

Like Minecraft, the player aims to live the longest time possible by collecting resources and building tools. Numerous enemies, such as stone golems, can be scavenged for resources after being killed. At the end of the game, you will have to fight the final boss by going into a new location.

Is Muck a fun game?

It’s gratis on Steam. It’s been highly rated by what I can only guess is a large number of Dani’s fans. But the game is free and quite enjoyable. The game I tried it on for about two hours and it was fun.

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Is Muck accessible on mobile devices?

Chuck the Muck is a new iOS and Android release by Kiz Studios. It’s available for download at no cost from the iTunes App Store and Google Play and other in-app purchase options.

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