Is My Time at Sandrock Crossplay?

Okay!! So, it seems like you are all set with your PC and are looking forward to playing My Time At Sandrock with your console players. But, is My Time At Sandrock Crossplay compatible? Let’s find out about it in this article.

To connect online with other teammates on different platforms, the game must support the Crossplay feature. Is My Time At Sandrock a crossplay?

Unfortunately, My Time At Sandrock does not offer the Crossplay multiplayer feature to connect with other team members on different gaming platforms.

On What Platforms My Time At Sandrock Is Available?

My Time At Sandrock is an online RPG game and the second installment in the My Time game series developed by the Pathea Games. This game is all set in the location of the desert town of Sandrock.

Builder is the main character of the game who is on a mission to restore the desert town, facing poor economic conditions. To accomplish this mission, players need to engage in various activities like crafting, constructing, farming, and connecting with the town residents.

My Time At Sandrock is available on various platforms. Some of the required gaming platforms are under-

  1. Nintendo Switch 
  2. PlayStation 5 
  3. Xbox One
  4. PlayStation 4
  5. Xbox Series X and Series S
  6. GeForce Now
  7. Microsoft Windows

Is My Time At Sandrock Crossplay?

We think that you all must be familiar with Crossplay and there’s no need to explain about Crossplay to you.

If you are thinking of crossplaying My Time At Sandrock on different consoles, then, sadly, we have to inform you that My Time At Sandrock is not a Crossplay game.

You can not crossplay this game with your friends who have a different platform than yours. Make sure that, you both have the same platform if you want to experience its gameplay together as a team.

Is My Time At Sandrock Online Co-Op Multiplayer?

Yes, My Time At Sandrock supports the online co-op multiplayer feature. With this feature, players can connect with the other team players and enjoy this game together by doing the missions together.

My Time At Sandrock: Modes Overview

Take a look at this table to know, whether My Time At Sandrock supports the following modes or not.

ModeSupported (Yes/No)
Couch Co-opNo
Online Co-opYes
Lan Co-opYes
Lan PvP Multiplayer No
Online PvP Multiplayer No
Couch PvP Multiplayer No 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was The Early Release Date Of My Time At Sandrock?

The Early Access version of My Time At Sandrock was released on May 25, 2022. Recently, its latest version was launched on 2 Nov, 2023.

When Will Be The My Time At Sandrock Crossplay?

The latest version of My Time At Sandrock was recently launched on 2 Nov, 2023 but without the Crossplay feature. So, there is no official announcement yet, to make this game Crossplay.


Okay!! So, by getting all this knowledge, you all must know that My Time At Sandrock is not a crossplay game. Until this game becomes crossplay, you can play it with your friends on the same platforms.

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