is the finals beta crossplay

The audience is all set to enter the world of The Finals Open Beta, which has been live since October 26 and will remain till November 5. 

The FINALS is an entertaining combat game in which you and your teammates fight for fame and unique sponsors in destructible realistic locations. 

Well!! The Embark team put all of their efforts into developing this game and thus released a beta version of The FINALS to test its features, and gameplay, and to know the response of the audience towards the game. 

It is believed that The Finals Beta includes many updated features. Is the CrossPlay also included? Yes, The FINALS Beta is a Crossplay. Let’s know about this in more detail. 

On What Platforms The FINALS Beta Is Played?

The FINALS Beta is available on the following platforms- 

  1. PlayStation 5 
  2. Xbox Series X
  3. Xbox Series S
  4. PC

Is The FINALS Beta Crossplay?

We understand that it’s not necessary that each of your friends owns the same gaming platform, which makes it impossible for you to connect with your friends to play the game together on different platforms. 

But, there is no need for you to adjust to that situation in The FINALS Beta. Because The FINALS Beta supports the Crossplay functionality across its supported platforms. 

You can Crossplay The FINALS Beta across PS5, PC, and Xbox Series. No matter, if your friends own any of the platforms, you can still be able to play the game together with its Crossplay compatibility. 

The FINALS Beta Crossplay feature is enabled by default, but you can turn it off from the game settings menu at any time. Apart, from Cross-Platform, The FINALS Beta also supports Cross-Progression. 

How To Join The FINALS Open Beta Cross-Platform Event?

To join The FINALS Open Beta Event, you need to sign up for the open beta event from any of the supported platforms. Check out The FINALS official website for more details about the event. 

Make sure to sign up for the Beta before November 5. As November 5 is the last date of The FINALS Open Beta Event. 

How To Add Friends On The FINALS Beta?

You need an Embarks ID to invite your friends and ass them to The FINALS Beta. Follow these steps to add friends on the FINALS Beta- 

  1. Navigate to the Settings by tapping on the cog icon from the top 
  2. Choose Gameplay> Network> Crossplay
  3. Enable the Crossplay option (if it’s not)
  4. Go to the Main Menu and head to the Social option
  5. Click on Add Friend
  6. Type the Friend’s Embark ID to add them to the game 
  7. Wait for the player to accept the friend request

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The FINALS Release Date?

There is no official announcement for The FINALS release date. However, it is more likely to be released in December 2023. 

What Is The FINALS Open Beta Start Time?

The FINALS Open Beta event was live on October 26, 2023, and you can test its Beta version till November 5, 2023. 

Is The FINALS Beta Crossplay PS4?

The FINALS Open Beta is crossplay across the current-gen consoles. You can Crossplay this game with PS5. But, you can still, try to crossplay the game with PS4. Maybe it works. 


We know that you must be happy after knowing that The FINALS Beta is Crossplay compatible. Now, you and your friends do not have to make any compromises while playing the game together, even if you both have different platforms. 

Don’t miss out on trying its Beta version whose last date is November 5, and check out its gameplay, Crossplay, as well as other features.

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