Is NHL 22 CrossPlatform? CrossPlay On Its Supported Platforms

NHL 22 is an ice hockey video game available on a variety of systems, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The gameplay animations in NHL 22 have been updated, including new reverse hitting, pass and shoot blocks, pickups, improved puck protections, and many more. However, an important question is “Is NHL 22 CrossPlatform?”.

Many hockey enthusiasts are wondering if NHL 22 is a CrossPlatform or not especially given that this feature has begun to gain popularity. 

The answer to this question might have Yes or No. So, read on to learn more about NHL 22’s CrossPlatform Compatibility. 

CrossPlatform is referred to as the ability of a game to be played on different platforms. So, the CrossPlatform feature is considered to be the most important feature in online video games.

Is NHL 22 CrossPlatform? CrossPlay On Its Supported Platforms 

NHL 22 is neither CrossPlay nor CrossPlatform Compatible with other systems. So, its answer is absolute “NO”. You will need the same console if you want to play NHL 22 with your friends. Those who have friends that play on other consoles could find this to be a little annoying. 

Is NHL 22 CrossPlatform PC And PS4/PS5?

It’s not possible. NHL 22 is not a CrossPlatform on a PC, PS4, or PS5. By connecting your Playstation account to your PC account, NHL 22 cannot be used. Connect only accounts that are on the same console.

Is NHL 22 CrossPlatform PC And Xbox One?

Its answer is also “NO”. NHL 22 doesn’t CrossPlatform between Xbox One and PC. You must buy the game for the Xbox One if you wish to play with friends on that system. Comparable to PC gamers. Playing against someone using a different platform is not an option.

Is NHL 22 CrossPlatform Xbox One And PS4?

NHL 22 is not, infact, CrossPlatform for Xbox One and PS4. This suggests that you can play against other players solely on the same console. Therefore, make sure that your friends are playing on the same console if you want to have fun with them.

Is NHL 22 Supports Crossgeneration?

Yes, NHL 22 supports cross-generation features. You can play online with your friend if one of you is using a PS4 and the other is using a PS5. The same criteria go with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

When Will NHL 22 Become CrossPlatform?

The developers have not yet provided an update about the implementation of the CrossPlatform feature for this game. NHL 22 CrossPlatform is not planned yet in my opinion. We may learn about that in the future, but as of right now, there is nothing like that.

What Is The Basic Solution To CrossPlay In NHL 22?

As NHL 22 doesn’t support the CrossPlatform option, so you are not able to play with your friends on different consoles. There is a method you may use to play NHL 22 with your friends. It is possible to connect to your friends’ consoles and play with them using a tool like Parsec or Steam.

Well!! It is not even the best option, but you might attempt it if you truly want to play NHL 22 with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cross-generation?

Players may play with their friends who are on the same platform but from different generations. All this is due to a feature called cross-generation.

Does NHL 22 support cross-progression?

Yes, cross-progression is available in NHL 22, but only between the PS4 and PS5 or the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. This implies that you are unable to transfer your progress to another platform.

What is NHL 22?

The most recent game in the NHL Video Game Series is NHL 22. Players may enjoy all the thrills of professional hockey by playing this game, which is based on National Hockey League. The 30 NHL clubs are available for players to pick from, or they may make their own squad.


NHL 22 is unquestionably something to take into consideration if you are a fan of the NHL series and you are seeking for a new game to play. As you know, NHL 22 does not support the CrossPlatform feature, maybe in the coming years, it will add a crossplay feature in it. But till then it’s a fantastic game with lots of obstacles and excitement.

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