Is Resident Evil 3 Split Screen?

Resident Evil 5 introduced cooperative play to its mainline series. It’s natural to wonder if Resident Evil 3 remake can be played in split screen co-op. It could be good to have one person play Jill and the other control Carlos. You need to know this regarding RE3 remake local multiplayer, co-op.

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Is Resident Evil 3 remake possible in splitscreen coop?

Sadly, no. You can’t connect another controller to your PC or PS4 to play the Resident Evil 3 remake in splitscreen multiplayer. There is an alternative form of multiplayer you can enjoy.

Although there may be multiple characters in the campaign, they are often left alone. Splitscreen co-op for the story mode would be absurd. However, it would have been cool to have a wave-based survival mode with local co-op.

Is Resident Evil 3’s remake compatible with multiplayer?

Resident Evil 3 remake splitscreen mode is no longer available. Instead, players can access Resident Evil Resistance, an entirely separate multiplayer experience, which pits a group of players against a “mastermind”.

While it is impossible to play Resident Evil 3 Remake with a friend, taking over Jill and Carlos in their battle against Nemesis, the multiplayer component at least allows you to have fun. It might surprise you, you never know!

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We’re still waiting for more information from Resident Evil 8 about a splitscreen co-op Resident Evil gaming experience. Capcom could take Resident Evil 7 in a different direction, considering its popularity as a single-player, first-person experience.

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