Is Rumbleverse Split Screen 2022?

Do you like battle royale games? Then Rumbleverse is a really good choice in terms of brawler battle royales in case you haven’t tried it yet. But, you would obviously like to know about its crossplay, co-op, and multiplayer options, and also, if Rumbleverse is Split screen or not.

Played from the third-person perspective, Rumbleverse can involve 40 players at a time in a single gameplay where each of the players has to fight against the others and the last one to survive will be the winner. Sounds really interesting as well as competitive, right? 

If you are planning to play Rumbleverse with your friends on the split screen option, then we are about to disappoint you by informing you that Rumbleverse is not split screen, so, you can play the game but only on separate screens of your own. 

To know more about the game Rumbleverse and the features it provides for the players, keep reading this article and attain all the necessary information that you must have before getting this game. 

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Is Rumbleverse Split Screen?

As compared to the other games that you will find out there, Rumbleverse is different in the fact that it is based on melee combat where the players will not be given any kind of weapons like guns and all. 

You can only use your physical strength and moves like kicks, elbow drops, punches, and so on. You can only block the base attacks in the game and if there are any stronger assaults, you cannot block them, the only way to deal with them is to escape. 

In Rumbleverse, a fight pass system is used. There is an in-game currency called Fan Mail in Rumbleverse and on collecting this currency, the players will be able to purchase items like outfits and other accessories as well as cosmetics for their game characters. These Fan Mails are rewarded to the players as a result of advancing further in the game by finishing different matches. 

Most people anticipate that the multiplayer games would have the split screen feature too. But, that is not the case with Rumbleverse, the obvious reason being that this is a battle royale game where a multiplayer number of players compete at a time. 

Thus, the Split screen feature is not provided here, and moreover, in such games, the players need a full-screen view to get the utmost great experience out of them, so, if you play the game in the split screen mode, half of your screen will be used up by the other player and you will not at all be able to enjoy the game in such a small area of the display. 

This is probably the reason the developers of Rumbleverse didn’t consider adding the split-screen feature to the game and have not even planned to do that anytime soon. Thus, you must also be content with the experience you are getting with this game in full-screen mode. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that you would have dropped the idea of playing Rumbleverse in split screen mode by now, and even if you haven’t yet, there is nothing you can do about it. If you want to play the game with your friends, ask them to enter the game with you from their own console and play on their own screen, that would be the best thing for all the players if you really want to enjoy playing the game.

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