Is Saints Row Crossplay In 2022?

Action and Adventure are two genres in gaming that can never go out of trend. Everyone loves such games and are best enjoyed when played with friends. One such action cum adventure game is Saints Row, the only question that disturbed us is; Is Saints Row crossplay or not?

Saints Row is a series of action-adventure video games developed by Volition and released via THQ and Deep Silver. This series is based on the 3rd Street Saints, a fictional street gang operating in the Saint’s Row district, hence the title.

Sadly, the game Saints Row is not crossplay, which means that players using different types of gaming consoles will not be able to play the game together, however, the game is at least cross-gen, which means that you can play the game together if your consoles belong to the same family.

Let us read further to know more about the crossplay feature in the game Saints Row so that you can decide if you should have this game or not.

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Is Saints Row Crossplay?

The campaign in Saints Row may be played in its entirety cooperatively with a companion. Bringing a friend is a clear method to increase the fun because the entire game is based on chaos and generating your own dynamic fun in the reactive open environment.

That being said, it’s always disappointing to find that you and your chosen co-op buddy are using different gaming platforms and aren’t even sure you’ll be able to develop the Saints as a team.

Here is a list of platforms that support the game Saints Row:

1. Xbox One

2. Xbox Series X

3. Xbox Series S

4. PlayStation 4

5. Microsoft Windows

6. Google Stadia

Now, the thing is that the game is not crossplay which means that if you have one of these consoles while your friend has the other, you will not be able to play the game together online.

However, Saints Row does support cross-gen co-op. That means that players belonging to the same family of consoles can play together. However, the game isn’t able to support crossplay. In addition to this, as for the case of cross platform play, there’s not been any confirmation yet. Saints Row 2022 won’t include cross-platform play.

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Is Saints Row similar to GTA?

With its distinctive game mechanics and tone, Saints Row has created its own identity and surpassed Grand Theft Auto in certain aspects. While people love both these games for the way they play and what they’ve evolved into fascinating to observe how different and similar they are at the exact time.

Why is there no new Saints Row?

By removing a lot of the absurdity that snuck into the series from Saints Row III and on The developer is reinventing the franchise. In that sense, it’s not Saints Row V. In its place it is a return to the original title – simply “Saints Row” – and the more grounded character of the initial installment and its first sequel.

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Did Rockstar make Saints Row?

This is where it all began. Saints Row is a sequel to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in a way none of the subsequent actual GTA games.

Wrap Up

So, this was all you needed to know, Saints Row is not crossplay, it is just a cross-gen game, which means that you can play it with someone who has a gaming console that belongs to the same console family as yours, for instance, Xbox Series X and X Box Series S. For now, we can just hope for the developers to consider the need for crossplay feature.

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