is sonic superstars crossplay

Are you a Sonic Fan? If yes, then you will love the new series Sonic Superstars 2023 which was recently launched. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic 2D video game series that was developed by Sega and made its first debut in 1991. It has recently launched a new edition of the game called Sonic Superstars. 

If you are wondering whether Sonic Superstars has the feature of Cross-platform or not. Then you must go through this article. 

Sonic Superstars – New Features

Sonic Superstars is the newest game of the Sonic Series and it has some exciting features as well. The few features make the gameplay more enjoyable and interesting. It also comes with a local cooperative playing feature which enables 4 people to play together.

The developers of the game have added new characters and enemies. Players can also customize the characters according to their choices and interests. The multiplayer feature also enables the players to compete with each other in the battle mode.

Is Sonic Superstars Crossplay?

Sonic Superstars is a multiplayer game and supports local co-op as well. But not all your friends may have the same gaming console or device. In that case, Crossplay is the only thing that can help. 

Since Sonic Superstars is a multiplayer game, there is a high demand by gamers that there should be a crossplay feature in the game. Luckily the developers have responded to their demand and introduced the Crossplay feature in the game.

How Does Crossplay Work On Sonic Superstars?

The Crossplay feature enables the players to play the game with their friends despite of whatever platforms they use. To team up with your friends and play together Sonic Superstars, you need to download Sonic Superstars from Steam. The below steps will help you to download Sonic Superstars:

  1. Head to the website of Sonic
  2. Login or create a new account
  3. Go to the Store
  4. Search for Sonic Superstars
  5. Tap to download the game
  6. Make the payment to buy the game
  7. Then install the game on your device 

Once it is successfully downloaded, then open the game and click to Play. you can now invite your friends to play with them. 

Sonic Superstars Reviews

There are mixed reviews by the people who have played Sonic Superstars. Let us look at some of the reviews of people on Sonic Superstars:

  • The game is good but needs a lot of improvement
  • Battle mode is really awesome
  • The multiple-player feature in the game is chaotic 
  • It is fun to compete with your friends
  • The game seems to be unfinished
  • The Sega did a really great job

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sonic Superstars Available To Play On PC?

Yes, You can play Sonic Superstars on any platform including PC as well.

When Was Sonic Superstars Released?

Sonic Superstars was released on 17 October 2023. 

What Is The Size Of Sonic Superstars Game File?

You need a storage space of 20 GB to download Sonic Superstars.


Crossplay is the advanced technology that allows the players to team up with there to battle against the enemies to achieve a common goal. 

Sonic Superstars supports Crossplay and that is a piece of good news for all the Sonic Fans. The players can also compete with each other in Sonic Superstars in the Battle mode. 

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