Is Stalker Anomaly Multiplayer?

The game Stalker Anomaly falls under the first-person shooter survival horror game series. The game was developed by GSC Game World. The events of the game were performed in the different world’s Chornobyl banning zone, Ukraine. This genre includes four editions and most people have no idea about their multiplayer feature. Let’s find out, “Is Stalker Anamoly multiplayer”?

Yes, the first three editions of Stalker Anomaly supports multiplayer feature for some modes but its last edition does not support multiplayer feature yet. 

Here in this article, we explained the multiplayer details and gameplay for all four titles of Stalker Anomaly. To know about them, read the article up to the end.

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Is Stalker Anomaly Multiplayer?

Yes, Stalker Anomaly: Shadow of Chernobyl is multiplayer, in detail it’s actually a player versus-player thing like deathmatch, team deathmatch, and hunt mode. The money you earn depends upon how many kills you get or how many artifacts you collected. Shadow of Chernobyl is the first game launched in the series in 2007. The player who takes the role of an unmindful stalker is named “Marked One”, who has been assigned to kill another stalker named “Strelok”.

While playing the game, the Supporter reveals hints of his past and original identity while supporting other stalkers and killing mutated creatures in that occupied area. Shadow of Chernobyl has seven endings, these endings depend upon many factors like how much money is earned during the gameplay, whether carry definite groups, or how much of the supporter’s memory was put at the same moment. The platform where you can enjoy this thrilling game is Pc only.

Stalker: Clear Sky is the follow-up game released in the series. This game was released on 29 Aug 2008, The game is multiplayer too, the same as Shadow of Chernobyl like deathmatch, team deathmatch, etc. the main part of the game is the player playing as Scar, Scar is a veteran mercenary.

A survivor of a big energy discharge he was struck while rescuing a pair of scientists through the Zone, he is escorted by and works with the clear sky, a group dedicated to research and understanding the Zone’s nature. The players can choose which side they wanna go against, either the Scar side or against a specific group in the area to help reach a clear sky goal. This game has the same platform as the original game i.e. Pc only.

The 3rd game of the series, called Stalker: Call Of Pripyat, occurs immediately after the events of Shadow of Chernobyl. This game was released on 2 Oct 2009. This game also includes some multiplayer modes, like in previous versions of the game, which involve deathmatch and capture-the-flag style competitive matches. Call Of Pripyat is almost not as scary as the original, much-admired game, Shadow Of Chernobyl. It doesn’t quite assemble the highest strain of the undercover “dungeon” order, even if it returns to them on time. However, we found ourselves stiff with a rush as I entered one of the toughest webs in the game. In the dark, low on ammo, we feared trouble.

The upcoming game of this series is Stalker: Heart of Chernobyl which is also known as Stalker 2. As far as we know the developer does not announce anything about multiplayer, the trailer of Stalker 2 looks like it will have some kind of multiplayer. GSC is giving an “early bird” multiplayer badge as a pre-order bonus, the Deluxe and Ultimate versions of the game have multiplayer costumes and weapon skins. We don’t have any idea about multiplayer now.

The fans of the stalker demand co-op multiplayer mode, but it seems like developers are heading in another direction. As per skins and badges, it looks like there is some kind of PvP multiplayer thing in the game, the release date of the game was postponed due to some national issues in Ukraine. The actual release date was 28 April 2022, but it has been extended for seven months. The platforms for this game where you can enjoy it are Microsoft Windows and Xbox series. The developer added Xbox consoles to the platforms of the game which is very exciting.

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Now you will get to know that only the last edition of Stalker Anomaly does not contain multiplayer mode, its previous three editions have a multiplayer mode. 

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