Is Stardew Valley Split Screen?

Split-screen multiplayer is finally available in Stardew Valley, and there is no more perfect time to join the well-known farming game with players than now. Stardew Valley update 1.5 has just been released, which is the most significant content update to the game’s content since its launch in 2016. 

In addition to local co-op, this update includes new areas to explore, new objects to find, and brand new ways to find out. Split-screen multiplayer functions similarly to online multiplayer, and you’ll receive the same support level if you’ve previously played the game with your friends online. This is how you can play split-screen multiplayer on Stardew Valley.

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How to play Split-Screen in Stardew Valley

For split-screen play in Stardew Valley, you must create a cabin from Robin’s to accommodate players joining your game. If you’re starting a brand new game, you may choose to have the houses constructed from the beginning in the game’s advanced options menu. After the cabins are built, go to the menu for games, scroll down to Multiplayer, and choose “Start locally co-op.” All other players can be a part of the action by hitting begin when they are using their controls. After everyone is joined, you are able to adjust the zoom setting and the UI in the options section in the menu for game play.

To summarize: Here’s how to play split-screen games in Stardew Valley.

  1. Create a Robin’s cabin for each participant.
  2. If you’re beginning a new game, it’s possible to have your cabins constructed from the beginning.
  3. Start the game menu.
  4. Click on Multiplayer and then select “Start Local Co-Op.”
  5. Press the start button on the additional controllers for the other players.

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Local multiplayer functions like online multiplayer, which means that identical rules as well as restrictions are in place when playing on a split screen. If you play split-screen, you can play just like you would do as a single-player, but certain aspects like sleep and quests are dealt with slightly differently when additional players are included in the mix.

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