Is super animal royale crossplay in 2022?

Super Animal Royale is a free-to-play battle royale game that was initially exclusively available to Steam Early Access but has been able to leap Xbox Game Preview before its launch and will soon bring it to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms. In the new hardware, will Super Animal Royale support cross-play capabilities?

Super animal royale cross Platform in 2022?

Super Animal Royale does indeed provide cross-play capabilities on every platform regardless of where you play, however it may not provide as extensive cross-play experience as you would like.

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Although the game can make matches against other players who are playing on Steam the day of the Xbox launch, we’ve not yet found a way to make it so that you can host a party with other players on different platforms.

If the functionality is added, we’ll make sure to update this post at the time of time the only cross-play function is matchmaking against other platforms. There is no cross-play between third parties.

How to Play Crossplay in Super Animal Royale?

To enable cross-play, click Change in your settings for your party to play a single or duo game. In the lower part of this box is the cross-play option so you can play with other players who are playing on different platforms. Choose Accept after which you will be able to see the changes to be implemented.

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Although it’s a little difficult to form an event with other players on the platform, the possibility of incorporating cross-play in matchmaking means the Super Animal Royale will always have a more outstanding players to draw from, making matchmaking more efficient than it usually is.

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