Is The Survivalists Split Screen?

The Survivalists is a living world filled with dangers, secrets, and surprises. It’s set in The Escapists universe. In a desperate attempt to survive, you can build, craft, and train monkeys together with up to three other friends. Are you a Survivalist?

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The Survivalists Split Screen

The Survivalists is a brand new game that allows up to four players to work together to survive on hostile islands. It won’t launch with cross-play or split-screen multiplayer. The Survivalists by Team17 looks interesting and will be a new survival sandbox.

Is there a local coop for survivalists?

However, you can still play online with up to 4 people in co-op. There is likely a reason. It can be played on any device and with any level of computer power.

What is the point of The Survivalists?

The Survivalists’ basic premise is that you wake up on a deserted island and have nothing but the resources available. You are fortunate to have plenty of resources and you are the creative type so you are capable of well, just surviving.

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Is The Survivalists worth it?

The Survivalists is a survival game that combines elements of The Escapists. Although the exploration and coop work well, the crafting system can be a bit awkward. The Survivalist isn’t a new or surprising game, but it offers an entertaining experience and a unique take on survival.

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