How To Play Egyptian Rat screw?

Do you want to play an interesting card game with your friends? Then, we have a really good suggestion for you that you will love. It is the game Egyptian Rat Screw. This is the ideal place for you if you to know how to play Egyptian Rat Screw.  

Card games are quite fun if played with the right squad. You must have played a lot of card games throughout your life, and are probably looking for something new and different this time, and we know what is it. 

To play Egyptian Rat Screw, you have to shuffle a deck of cards and distribute them equally among the players without revealing which cards they are. Each player gets to put down a card one by one and once a letter card is laid down, the next player must also put a letter card to continue the game or they will be out. There are a lot more rules that you need to know about this card game. 

Keep reading if you want to understand this whole game in detail so that you do not confuse while playing Egyptian Rat Screw with your buddies. 

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How To Play Egyptian Rat Screw? 

Firstly, for this game, you are going to need a regular deck of cards and shuffle all the cards properly. Now, distribute all the cards equally among the players while keeping them face down so that no one knows what card they have got. 

Now the first person on the left picks the card on the top of their pile and puts it faced up in the middle. This is when they get to see which card it is. 

If this card contained a number, next is the turn of the person with two spaces left for the dealer to put their one card down. This will keep going the same way as long as the players are getting the number cards. 

Once a player gets a card with a letter like Ace, Jack, King, or Queen (remember that Joker is not used in this game), this continuation stops. 

Once a player puts down a letter card, it is necessary for the next player in the line to also put down a letter card. 

If the first player’s card was an Ace, the next player gets 4 chances to pick cards out of which one should have a letter, if it was a King, there are 3 chances, if it is a Queen, you get 2 chances, and if it is a Jack, there is only one chance that the next player gets to pick a card. 

If the next person doesn’t show a letter card in the chances he is given, the previous player will win this round and will get the whole pile of cards. Then, the winner will begin the next round of this game and so the game goes on. 

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In case you also add a Joker in the game, it will also be considered a Letter card and the next player will be given 5 chances to put down cards in this case. 

Since the players are not allowed to look at their cards, the whole game is based on luck, there is no hard work, no smart work, only luck. 

However, you can add the “slap rule” to the game to increase the fun. If you implement the slap rule in the game, the first person who slaps the pile of cards faced upwards will be the winner of the round. If two players slap the pile together, the person with more fingers on the top will be considered the winner. 

Here are the slap rules that the players need to be aware of:

1. When there are two cards with the same value consecutively laid down, then it is “Double”.

2. When the card laid down is the same as the first ever card that was put down, then it is “Top Bottom”.

3. If two cards with the same value are laid down alternatively, for instance, the first card is a 6, the second card is a 10, and the third card is again a 6, this is considered a “Sandwich”.

4. When the two number cards that have been laid down consecutively add up to 10, this is a “Tens”. Remember to consider an Ace as 1 in this case. 

5. If you are also using Jokers in the game and anyone laid down a Joker in the game, you can slap the pile immediately if you didn’t use the rule of putting 5 cards down in the Joker case. This is a “Joker”. 

6. If four cards are consecutively placed in either an ascending or descending order on the pile, it is “Four in a row”.

7. Finally, if a Queen card is followed by a King card or a King card is followed by a Queen card on the pile, this is “Marriage” and you can slap the pile. 

Wrap Up

We think you are really going to love this game “Egyptian Rat Screw” especially if you apply the Slap Rule to it because this is something that will need you to memorize which card was put down previously. Enjoy playing it with your friends or family and let us know if you want to play any other card game.

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