Is There A Way To Turn Off Crossplay In Halo Infinite? If Yes, Then How?

Halo Infinite supports cross-platform play across all platforms. The Multiplayer feature is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Unfortunately, not everyone likes this cross-play feature for their game, and needs to be disabled as soon as possible. If you are not aware of how to turn off crossplay in Halo Infinite, then here you will get a guide on how it needs to be done. 

Suppose, if you want to collaborate with your friend who has Xbox and you have a PC, then you can easily connect with them by simply enabling the crossplay option. But when you are done playing together and now you no longer need the cross-play option, then in that case you should turn it off. Many people have no exact idea of how to disable it for different platforms. Here you will get to know this for all the Halo Infinite platforms.

The cross-play option for Halo Infinite needs to be disabled only for Xbox users by the following simple steps- Xbox Controller> Settings> Privacy and Online Safety> Xbox Live Privacy> View Details> Communication and Multiplayer option> Turn off the Cross-play.

The Halo Infinite servers are currently a large gathering place for players from all the different platforms. Some players really like the cross-play feature, but some want to turn it off. Those, who want to disable this option, need to read the full article for complete details and steps. 

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Is There A Way To Turn Off Crossplay In Halo Infinite?

Players in Halo Infinity cannot currently change their crossplay settings. Most crossplay games allow players to turn this feature on and off by simplifying toggling. Even with this game-changing feature, many players choose not to use it to avoid problems between keyboard players and controllers.

Crossplay cannot be disabled in Halo Infinite, at least not for PC players. You have two ways to turn off crossplay for Halo Infinite. Xbox players have the privilege of turning it off. 

Turn off Crossplay in Xbox for Halo Infinite-

Players using Xbox can use this feature, but keep in mind that doing so will result in longer queue times. The Crossplay feature needs to be disabled for many games, not just for Halo Infinite. So, Xbox users can disable it by the following steps.

  • Press the Xbox button from your controller
  • Navigate to the settings, and select Account
  • Select Privacy and Online Safety
  • Choose Xbox Live Privacy
  • Go to View Details and Customize after selecting Custom
  • Select the Communication and Multiplayer option
  • Block the option “You can play with people who are not on Xbox Live”
  • This will simply turn off your crossplay mode for Xbox 

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Another option to turn off crossplay for Halo Infinite is through matchmaking. This restricts your opponents to those who use a controller or a keyboard and mouse. These are the steps to achieving this solution.

  • Navigate to the Multiplayer Menu
  • Then, choose Ranked Area
  • Change the Ranked Queue mode to Solo/Duo. In crossplay mode, you cannot change the input
  • Toggle the tab between the keyboard and the controller. 

By making the aforementioned changes, you may find that the matches are fairer than before.

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You can disable crossplay in Halo Infinite via these two methods. Finally, you should be aware that you do not have the option to turn off the crossplay mode for Halo Infinite on any other platform other than the Xbox platform, as detailed above with step to step guide. So, if you are playing this game on Xbox, carefully follow the steps above and turn off crossplay mode if you don’t need it.

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