Is There Romance In Harvestella?

Romance and marriage are two important aspects that are anticipated in every farming simulation video game, and so is the case with the latest one, Harvestella. If you also want to know if there is Romance in Harvestella or not, you will know it here. 

As life simulation and Role Playing games are getting popular with each passing day, more and more game developers are focusing on these genres. Well, Harvestella has made a double deal by taking up both gaming styles which brings the gamers’ interest in it.

The players will be glad to know that there is romance in Harvestella which is to be unlocked at a certain stage in the game. You can romance the available characters in Harvestella. You can even ask certain candidates to move in with you in the game. 

You are surely excited after knowing this, so let us continue reading this article to know how romance can be made possible in the game. 

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Is There Romance In Harvestella?

The good part is that there is undoubtedly romance in Harvestella and the bad part is that romance will be available in the game only after you have entirely gone through the main story of Harvestella. 

You will see that instead of naming it Marriage explicitly, the game uses the term Partnership. 

Once you have completed the main story of the game, you will be allowed to max out the intimacy levels with the candidate you choose. With this, the character stories are completed. The partnership event can be started once the intimacy levels are maxed. As a result of this, the candidate (Non-Player Character) that you chose will move in with you and you two will then be able to live together. 

Although up until the end of the main story of Harvestella, you cannot start this Partnership, or say Marriage event, you are still able to increase the level of intimacy with the characters in the game. 

One of the best parts about Harvestella is that there are no gender limitations in terms of the partnership. You can choose a life partner for your character in the game from any of the genders, moreover, you would be much happier to know that the third gender is also a category to choose in Harvestella, so it is not limited to only Males and Females. 

Let us also check out the candidates that are available for the players to pick for Partnership/Marriage in Harvestella. 

Well, the number of eligible characters for romance in Harvestella is limited and each of them is unique. And the decision of choosing the partner you would like to have for your playing character is entirely up to you. 

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Here is a list of candidates that are available in Harvestella for romance and marriage. 

1. Brakka – Brakka is a mercenary from the Holy Capital of Argene and if you raise your intimacy with this character, you get the Avenger job unlocked. 

2. Shrika – Shrika is a Seaslight Order missionary, also from the Holy capital of Argene and you get the pilgrim job unlocked by raising intimacy with Shrika. 

3. Aria – You will be able to unlock the Assault Savant job if you raise your intimacy with Aria who is a scientist from the future, who came here to research Quietus. 

4. Asyl – Asyl is a member of the Argus Brigade which is in Nemea Town, and you can unlock the Sky Lancer job by increasing intimacy with her.

5. Emo – Emo is a Songstress at Shatolla Tavern and gets you the Woglinde job unlocked on raising intimacy levels. 

6. Istina – Istina is a teacher at the Orphanage in Nemea Town and gets you the Shadow Walker job unlocked on raising intimacy. 

7. Heine – Finally, Heine is a mechanic from Shatolla and gets you the Mechanic job unlocked on increasing intimacy. 

Wrap Up

Now that you know that you can have romance in Harvestella and also about the characters you can raise your intimacy with, you surely would want to complete the main story of Harvestella as soon as possible. So, go ahead without wasting any time and complete the storyline of Harvestella.

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