Is There Romance In Triangle Strategy?

Story-driven games make it easy for players to get invested in their characters’ stories and plots by using in-game mechanics. Romance is one of the mechanics in that players are invested in their characters. Triangle Strategy features many different characters with an interesting plotline.

But, Is There Romance In Triangle Strategy? Find out more by reading on!

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Is there Romance System In Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy’s storyline is interesting and can lead to multiple storylines. You might wonder if there is enough room for romance subplots or choices with such decisions.

Alas! There is not a Triangle Strategy Romance System.

Triangle Strategy has Serenoa as a partner with Fredrica. You cannot pair Serenoa with any other female characters of Triangle Strategy.

Triangle Strategy does hint at the possibility that other characters are involved in some sort of relationship.

Other relations are being developed in the background, apart from Serenoa’s marriage to Fredrica. Some are still developing while others are fully developed.

Triangle Strategy uses a gameplay mechanic called Conviction, which is often confused with Romance. A conviction can have serious consequences, especially for interactions between Characters.

Triangle Strategy is not a system that allows you to ship all characters but provides a way to form relationships.

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