Is Township Tale Crossplay?

The original Township Tale was a PC game; the studio released an updated video of comparison that demonstrates what the major modifications in the 2 versions of the game will be.

The majority of the discussion revolves around graphics and the choices Alta needed to take to make sure that the experience is smooth for Oculus Quest players. There’s one more question and it is regarding the crossplay of Township Tale.

Township tale Crossplay 2022

Sady, the game doesn’t support crossplay as of now. If there are any updates regarding the game, we will let you know. Know more about the game below!

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The Township Taleis a co-op adventure that allows up to eight players to connect on a virtual server to go on adventures. Each of them will have to pick one of the professions to help one another in exploring the dangers of their surroundings. 

They could become a blacksmith, woodcutter, archer, miner, or warrior, all of which are vital in their own unique way. As the team moves deeper into the wilderness, they’ll be able to salvage crafting materials to build new equipment and upgrade their equipment.

It is expected that the Oculus Quest edition of The Township Tale Township Talewill will launch next Thursday, July 15th, at $9.99. 

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The players will be provided with their own server as well as 1000 Talems worth of game currency that they can begin spending and personalizing. VRFocus will continue to cover the A Township Tale, reporting back with more updates.

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