Is Trailmakers Crossplay?

Trailmakers is a sandbox-based video game developed and released by Danish independent developer Flashbulb Games. The game is an 3D car construction simulator based on physics with exploration elements in the open.

Trailmakers is available in several game modes like adventure, sandbox and racing. Each game mode are playable in multiplayer or in single-player. The game allows for modding on PC. The camera is ordinarily third-person but it can be transformed to first-person when the user wishes to.

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Trailmakers Crossplay

This Microsoft Store version will be cross-platform with Xbox however, it is not compatible with Steam. It means that players can participate in multiplayer games with Xbox players when you play Trailmakers from the Microsoft Store version of Trailmakers. The trailmaker will also be available with the Xbox Gallery for blueprint uploads.

Can you play with friends on Trailmakers?

Up to eight people can join forces to create and play. Multiplayer across platforms is only available in the Microsoft Store-version and not on Steam.

Does Trailmakers have an online multiplayer?

Trailmakers’ intuitive builder is as simple as putting together actual building pieces. Bring your vehicles on thrilling rally races, risky exploring missions or create the most insane contraptions you can imagine in our massive Sandbox. Each game mode is available in single player and multiplayer.

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Do Trailmakers require PS+?

The purchase of a PlayStation Plus membership is required. For online games, you must have an account. They will be subject to PS Terms of Service, the privacy policy and the game’s privacy policies.

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