Is wizard with a gun crossplay

Whenever a new video game comes in the market, the first question people ask is whether the Game supports Crossplay or not. Wizard with a Gun is out now and lt’s learn more about it. 

Galvanic Games has created and recently launched a new game called Wizard with a Gun in 2023. It is a survival sandbox game and you are going to play the role of a Wizard. The gun will be your wand.

Developers of the game have announced that there is no Crossplay with this game. But will Wizard with a Gun support Crossplay in the future? Let us discuss the possibilities in the article. 

Wizard With A Gun – Co-op Sandbox Game

Wizard with a Gun is a game that takes you on a journey to a mystical world where you are going to play the role of a powerful Wizard. The game is a sandbox survival game and you have to wield a variety of spells and weapons to battle with the enemies. 

Players can play solo or in a group as well. Wizard with a Gun is a cooperative survival game in which only 1-2 players can play together. The game does not support local co-op and two people can play together online only. 

Does Wizard With A Gun Have Crossplay?

Galvanic Games have developed the game Wizard with a Gun and it is published by Devolver Digital, Inc. in 2023. It is available on different platforms like Windows, Play Station, Xbox series, etc. It supports online cooperative playing and two people can play together.

Unfortunately, the developers have announced that Wizard with a Game does not support Crossplay. They do not even have any plans in the near future to introduce Crossplay due to some technical issues. This means if your friend has a different gaming console or uses a different platform than you, then you guys can not play this game together. 

Is Wizard With A Gun Available On Steam?

Yes, Wizard with a Gun is out now and is available on Steam. It is a multiplayer game and you can play online with your friends. It is available in 10 languages. It has more than 1K reviews on Steam and a ranking of 9 out of 10. 

You can easily download the game on Steam and be informed that this is a paid game. It supports co-op but does not support crossplay. Since the game is newly launched, there will be more features added to the game later to improve the user experience with the game.

Let us have a look at some of the reviews of the users:

  • Good game, but soo rushed
  • Love casting spells
  • Great aesthetics and art play
  • The death system and spell system are awful
  • The game is indeed enjoyable but can get better

Frequently Answered Questions

When Was Wizard With A Gun Released?

Wizard with a Gun was released on October 17, 2023, by a Seattle-based company named Galvanic Games.

Does Wizard With A Gun Have Crossplay?

No, Wizard with a Gun does not support Crossplay and that is the only drawback in this game. 


Wizard with a Gun takes you on a magical journey where you have to survive by defeating some dangerous creatures. It has different options for character customization. It is kind of a time loop and you have to become stronger to progress in the game.

The only feature that this game lacks is the Crossplay. It would have been much better if the game supported Crossplay. Crossplay is the future of the gaming world as it lets people play together despite whatever device or platform they use. 

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