is wreckfest cross platform

If you are a gamer and a game lover then you must have played Wreckfest. In simple words, wreckfest is a racing video game with many features.

But the question that lies here is whether Wreck Fest is crossplay or not. Wreckfest is cross-play but only on certain platforms. To know about the Wreckfest crossplay platform just read the article below.

Also, we will tell you more about the game, and its other features. All you need to do is just read the article and explore the Wreckfest game with us.

What type of game is Wreckfest?

Bugbear Entertainment developed a video game which is a racing game. It was first released on Windows on June 14, 2018, and later made available on other platforms.

The theme of Wreckfest is demolition derby which involves soft body damage modeling, extensive vehicle Upgrading, and driving dynamics with complexity.

These all are payable with more traditional track races. Need for speed or Gran Turismo are the fundamental rules that are also followed by other games.

Is Wreckfest Crossplatform?

Wreckfest is known to be partially cross-play. The crossplay is available in online mode only.

The feature crossplay is only applicable between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and can be played between these devices only.

This means that Wreckfest doesnot support crossplatform play between PC and Play Station.

Which Platforms Support Wreckfest?

The Wreck Fest was first launched on Windows in the year 2018. But later made available on the following platforms:

  • PS4, Xbox One in the year 2019
  • PS5 , Xbox series X/5 in 2021
  • Stadia in the year 2021
  • Nintendo Switch and on mobile devices in the year 2022

Frequently asked questions:

Can one play a wreckfest between PC and PS4?

No though being cross play it cannot be played between PC and PS4.

Has Wreckfest crossplay arrived on Nintendo and PC?

No, it has to arrive between Nintendo Switch and PC.

Is wreckfest available on Xbox game pass?

Yes, it is available on Xbox Game Pass and you can download the game by acquiring the subscription for Xbox Game Pass.

Can Wreck Fest be played in offline mode?

Yes, wreckfest can be played in offline mode but the player here becomes the single player.

Is Wreck Fest a cross-save?

No wreckfest is not a cross save as due to its limitations on crossplay it doesn’t have the feature of transferring your game progress from one platform to another.

When crossplay was released on Wreckfest?

Crossplay was released after 2022 updates.

Is cross-play available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

No, crossplay is not supported between the above platforms.

Is a split screen option available on cross-play?

No split-screen option is not meant for Wreckfest.

Any possibility of a wreckfest becoming cross-play on all platforms?

As of now, there are not any official announcements made of cross-play available on all platforms.

Is wreckfest cross-generation?

Yes, wreckfest is considered cross-generation as it is supported on older platforms as well as on newer ones.

Can we customize the cars in Wreckfest?

Yes, customization of cars is allowed on Wreckfest.

Is signing in required in a wreck fest?

Yes, signing is required in Wreckfest to play with online players from all over the world.

What is the genre of wreckfest?

Vehicular combat racing is the genre of Wreckfest.


Thus from the above article, it is clear that wreckfest is a famous racing game with the limitations I’m cross-platform platforms.

However, the main reason for not being available on all platforms is the technological connectivity and glitches that occur while connecting it with other platforms. 

we can hope for cross-play availability on all platforms till then play the way it is.

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