Is Gundam Evolution Crossplay In 2022?

Since there are several kinds of gaming consoles out in the market, the first thing that we ought to check for a multiplayer game is if it has cross platform availability or not. The same goes for the newly launched game Gundam Evolution. So, is Gundam Evolution crossplay or not? Let us find this out together through this article. 

A lot of new video games have been rolling out this year, most of which are from the fighting genre. Another one that has been recently added to the list is Gundam Evolution which is a team combat First Person Shooter video game and people who used to watch the anime after which this game has been designed, are already in love with this game even before playing it. 

The bad thing is that the game Gundam Evolution is not made crossplay yet. This means that if you and your friends are using different gaming consoles, it is not going to be possible for your squad to play this game together. Keep reading to find out more about this. 

If you want to know more about Gundam Evolution and check if its crossplay feature is going to come out any time soon, then you must continue to read further. 

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What Are Crossplay Games?

Before moving forward, it is important to let you know what exactly is meant by crossplay games. Well, the crossplay or cross platform games are the ones where the players using different gaming platforms can come together and jump into the gameplay in multiplayer or co-op mode. 

Cross-platform games essentially let players communicate with other players on various platforms. Cross-platform gaming, for instance, allows you to communicate with someone else who is playing the same game on a different platform, such as PlayStation and Xbox.

This is a necessary aspect of every multiplayer or cooperative video game where more than one player is required because if the players are not having the same type of console and the game also doesn’t support crossplay, that will be huge trouble as you won’t be able to play it. 

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Is Gundam Evolution Crossplay? 

In the team-based shooter Gundam Evolution, two opposing squads of six players face off on the map to accomplish different goals. These goals differ based on the game style. Players must attack and seize points on the map belonging to the enemy team in Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction, respectively. 

In Point Capture, players must seize points from the opposite team, while in Domination, they must seize three points from each other. Players want to know whether the game includes crossplay features because it is accessible on a variety of platforms.

The game does not currently have any crossplay functionality. Only in Asia and South East Asia is the PC version of the game being released. Whether the crossplay functionality will be included at some point in the future is unclear for now. 

However, you know that this game Gundam Evolution has just been released, which means that a lot of modifications will be made in the coming time and there are great chances that the developers would also keep this issue of crossplay and will work on that as well. 

Wrap Up

Well, that was it. Gundam Evolution is not available in crossplay mode at present. So, until the game introduces the cross platform mode for the players, you can play it with your friends who are also owning the same console as you. If there is any other video game that you want to know about with respect to its crossplay feature or any other option, you can feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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