Pokemon Go How To Catch Kyogre In 2022

Being ardent Pokemon Go players, we all are most fascinated by the Legendary Pokemon in the game. This is why we are again back with a new legendary Water Type Pokemon, Kyogre. So, if you too want to know how to catch Kyogre in Pokemon Go, then this page is the best choice to read through. 

To catch Kyogre in Pokemon Go, use either a Grass Type or an Electric Type Pokemon during the battle against this Pokemon in the raids because these are the two types of Pokemon that will put the most damage to Kyogre. If you have a few Pokemon of such types, choose the one with the highest CP. 

Just like every other legendary Pokemon we have, Kyogre is one of the extremely rare Pokemon and at the same time quite tough to catch in Pokemon Go. Getting a Kyogre is not a simple task, thus, proper guidance is a must for this.

If you also want to save your time rather than wasting it on your own strategies for catching a Kyogre, then keep reading because this is where you will get the right approach. 

In Pokemon Go How To Catch Kyogre?

Choosing the right Pokemon in a raid against the legendary Pokemon like Kyogre is one of the most important steps, and that is the main basis of deciding whether or not you will be able to catch the Pokemon in the game.

Kyogrre, being a Water Type Pokemon, shows vulnerability to two Types of attacks – Grass Type and Electric Type. So, whenever you are planning to battle against a Kyogre, make sure that you either use a Grass Type Pokemon or an Electric Type Pokemon in the encounter. 

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Best Grass Type Pokemon Counters For Kyogre In Pokemon Go

Here is a list of the best Grass Type Pokemon along with their best move sets that will work quite effectively in a battle to catch Kyogre. 

1. Venusaur, Mega Venusaur, Shadow Venusaur

Charged Attack: Petal Blizzard, Solar Beam, Frenzy Plant

Fast Attack: Vine Whip, Razor Leaf

2. Shiftry, Shadow Shiftry

Charged Attack: Leaf Tornado, Leaf Blade

Fast Attack: Razor Leaf, Bullet Seed

3. Victrebel, Shadow Victreebel

Charged Attack: Leaf Tornado, Leaf Blade, Solar Beam

Fast Attack: Razor Leaf

4. Tangrowth, Shadow Tangrowth

Charged Attack: Solar Beam, Power Whip

Fast Attack: Vine Whip

5. Roserade

Charged Attack: Solar Beam, Frenzy Plant

Fast Attack: Razor Leaf

6. Torterra, Shadow Torterra

Charged Attack: Solar Beam, Frenzy Plant

Fast Attack: Razor Leaf

7. Zarude

Charged Attack: Power Whip, Energy Ball

Fast Attack: Vine Whip

8. Tapu Bulu

Charged Attack: solar Beam, Grass Knot

Fast Attack: Bullet Seed

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Best Electric Type Pokemon Counters For Kyogre In Pokemon Go

Now, let us move to the list of the best Pokemon you can pick from the Electric Type to fight against a Kyogre, along with their superb move sets. 

1. Zapdos, Shadow Zapdos

Charged Attack: Thunderbolt, Zap Cannon, Ancient Power, Thunder

Fast Attack: Thunder Shock, Charge Beam

2. Manectric, Mega Manectric

Charged Attack: Wild Charge, Thunder

Fast Attack: Snarl, Charge Beam

3. Mega Ampharos

Charged Attack: Thunder Punch, Zap Cannon, Thunder

Fast Attack: Volt Switch, Charge Beam

4. Raikou, Shadow Raikou

Charged Attack: Wild Charge, Thunder, Thunderbolt

Fast Attack: volt Switch, Thunder Shock

5. Electivire, Shadow Electivire

Charged Attack: Wild Charge, Thunder, Thunder Punch

Fast Attack: Thunder Shock

6. Zekrom

Charged Attack: Wild Charge, Flash Cannon

Fast Attack: Charge Beam

7. Therian Forme Thundurus

Charged Attack: Thunder, Thunder Crunch, Thunderbolt

Fast Attack: Volt Switch, Thunder Shock

8. Magnezone, Shadow Magnezone

Charged Attack: Zap Cannon, Wild Charge

Fast Attack: Spark, Charge Beam

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Catching A Kyogre

Once you have fought well against a Kyogre in the raid, your job is still not entirely done, you will now require to catch it, for which you will be having a limited amount of Premier Balls. Thus, try to make the perfect shot to catch it. 

Since the Kyogre won’t sit still to make your task easy, you can seek help from Berries. Through a Razz Berry, the Kyogre will be calmed and thus it will be an effortless thing to throw the Premier Ball at the right place. 

Wrap Up

Once you have gone entirely through our guide on catching a Kyogre in Pokemon Go, it will be matter of a little time for you to get this legendary Pokemon in the game. Share this with your friends so that they can also add this interesting Water Type of Pokemon to their list. 

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