This morning’s Vinnie Jones game’s launch is a revolution in the online roulette

Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, the third installment in the Real Dealer’s games featuring the famous tough guy blurs the lines between entertainment genres by mixing elements of a no-nonsense interview with traditional European roulette.

In each game, the legendary tough guy responds to a new fan’s query while his host, who is played by actor Rachael Bower (Twin Peaks), turns the wheel. The longer players stay at the table and the longer they stay, the more they’ll be able to listen to Vinnie’s tales of acting, football, life and much more.

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This unique style of entertainment is made possible by cinematic RNG. It is an innovative method developed in Real Dealer whereby cinema-quality recorded video is embedded into a random-number generator-based game framework. It closely resembles Hollywood filmmaking’s technique using professional acting, directors and production crews delivering high-quality footage of dealers and games.

The lengthy Q&A required during the Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette production was recorded on a Los Angeles sound stage this spring, as part of filming of the studio’s bigger Vinnie Jones games series. Questions like ‘How have changes in your life after gazza?’ Gazza event?’ and “Where were you exiled for life in the past and for what reason?’ were hundreds.

“That was, hands-down my longest-running interview been on,” Vinnie joked at the time of film’s production.

The game has Vinnie responding to questions in his well-known straight manner, offering responses, often sprinkled with profanity, which can be humorous while at other times truthful and even revealing. But, Shane Cotter, Chief Director of Product for Real Dealer Studios, notes that the game’s appeal is likely to be far more than just the die-hard players.

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“In out of everything else Vinnie is an outstanding professional and great entertainer. As you’d expect that he’s got an endless amount of exciting stories to share, so there’s plenty to look at,” Cotter said.

Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette is part of a series which comprises Vinnie Jones Roulette, launched in September. Then there was Vinnie Jones Blackjack, found in the beginning of November. Other Vinnie Jones games are scheduled to be released in 2023.

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