is xbox series s next gen

The next generation of gaming consoles is combined with multiple enhancements and is undoubtedly more powerful than the previous ones. If you are planning to buy a new gaming console, you must invest in the next-generation consoles.

Xbox has launched its fourth generation gaming consoles, Xbox Series X and Series S. In this article, We will be discussing whether the Xbox Series S is a Next-generation gaming console worth investing in or not.

What Is Xbox?

Xbox is a home gaming console that Microsoft manufactures in the United States. It is considered one of the best brands for gaming consoles. Microsoft introduced the Xbox brand for the first time in 2001 and launched its first console Xbox.

There are a total of four types of Xbox gaming consoles available in the market till now. Xbox has kept improving and added new features in every generation of Xbox. The latest edition of Xbox consoles are Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Is Xbox Series S Worth It?

The fourth generation gaming console of Xbox is the Xbox Series S. The Series S uses GPU a little slower than the Series X. The optical drive is not included so you need to get the software and games from the Microsoft Software. Xbox Series S is the cheapest and the best gaming console till now.

Xbox Series S is worth buying for gamers as it is compact and can be taken anywhere when you travel. The price of the console is lower as compared to the others and it provides the same gaming experience. The surprising fact is that it is 60% smaller in size and volume than the Series X. 

Is Xbox Series S Next Gen?

Yes, Xbox Series S is indeed a Next Generation gaming console. Xbox Series S features next-generation technologies driven by Xbox Velocity Architecture. It takes less time to load including 120 Frame per second (FPS). You will get access to more prosperous and more dynamic worlds with this console. It has the capability to upgrade to 4k and is developed for disc-free gaming at 1440p.

The Quick Resume option allows the players to switch between games effortlessly. It is compatible with the controllers and accessories of most Xbox. It is not compatible with the disc-based consoles. Xbox series S is completely digital and you can shop for all your favorite games online from Xbox. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Xbox Series S Released?

Xbox Series S was released on November 10, 2020. 

Does Xbox Series S Have 1Tb Option?

Xbox Series S is disc-free and comes with 512 GB and 1TB SSD options.

How Much Does Xbox Series S costs?

The Xbox Series S costs around $299.99 and it is the cheapest gaming console.


Xbox Series S is the latest and most powerful gaming console of Xbox till now. It is packed with enhanced Next-generation features. It takes less time to load and is also smaller in size than the other consoles available in the market. 

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