How To Update An Old iPad To iOS 15 – Is It Possible?

Are you regretting an iPad you purchased long ago that doesn’t support the latest iOS due to the absence of the required hardware? What if we tell you that you no longer need to dwell upon that sad feeling because we have found ways how to update an old iPad to iOS 15?

To update an old iPad to iOS 15, you can make use of the iTunes application or a WiFi connection. How? Don’t worry. The entire method is explained in detail for you to understand it easily and update your old iPad yourself. 

When we talk about popular tablets available out there in the market, the iPad is the first name coming to our tongues. Since their release, iPads have always been the consumers’ favorite for several reasons, including their unique features and user-friendly interface at quite affordable prices. However, there is something they lack due to which it gets hard to update them to the latest iOS software version. 

If you want to get rid of the old features on your iPad and want to get it updated to the latest iOS version, then we have a well-explained guide for you. 

How To Update An Old iPad To iOS 15?

Here are the general steps that you can follow if you want to know How To Update An Old iPad To iOS 15, but you will need to make sure that although your iPad is old, it must not be older than 5-6 years or the update will not be supported. 

1. So, the first thing to need to do is visit the Settings app of your iPad.

2. Here you have to tap on the General Settings menu. 

3. Select the software update option that you will find here. 

4. There will be a list of all available software update choices. Here you can choose the iOS and iPadOS 15 options. 

5. Once selected, tap on the Install button and let it be installed. 

This way, you will have the software on your iPad updated to the latest available version, iOS 15

How To Update An Old iPad To iOS 14? 

If your iPad is five to six years old, there are few chances that it will be possible to update its software to iOS 15, but you can still update it to the iOS 14 version, which we think is not a bad idea. 

Before we tell you what you have to do for this, make sure that you have backed up your iPad so that in any case, you do not lose any of the data you have saved there. 

So, here are the steps that you can follow if you want to update your old iPad to iOS 14:

1. Get a stable wifi network and enable your iPad’s wifi to connect to it. 

2. Then go to your iPad’s settings app and select the General settings from there.

3. Choose the “Software Update” option and the iOS 14 version to update.

4. Now hit the install button present there and let it be downloaded and installed on your iPad. 

In case this method doesn’t get you the iOS 14 software on your iPad, you can go for an alternative method which can be done via iTunes. Here will be the steps you require for this. 

1. Open iTunes or Finder on your computer (PC or Mac).

2. Now, use the lightning cable to connect your Mac/PC and iPad. 

3. When the connection is made, the name of your iPad will show up on the desktop, and you can click on it. 

4. Here, go to the general settings and select the updates option. 

5. Now, select the iOS 14 option. 

6. Then click on the Download and Update button present there. 

7. At that moment, on your iPad, you will have to enter your passcode, and then you can wait for the software update to be installed. 

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Wrap Up

This was all about how to update an old iPad to iOS 15. So, if you and any of the people you know have an old iPad, you can use these methods to install iOS 15 on the iPads or at least the iOS 14 version

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