Is Yveltal A Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

Have you heard about the Pokemon named Yveltal? You might not be satisfied with a Pokemon unless you are aware of its significance. A lot of players have doubts about Yveltal, like is Yveltal a legendary Pokemon? If such thoughts are pondering over your mind as well, we are here to clarify everything for you. 

There are various kinds of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, while some of them are just regular ones, the others are legendary or mythical. Of course, it is better to get a legendary Pokemon because these variants are much more powerful and do great during battles. 

Yveltal is also a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go and falls under the Dark Type and Flying Type categories. The Pokemon has been introduced in Gen VI and is quite rare to find in the game. It neither evolves from any other Pokemon nor transforms into another form. 

Do you intend to know a lot more about Yveltal in Pokemon Go? Then you will find all the necessary information here. 

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Is Yveltal A Legendary Pokemon?

Yveltal is undoubtedly a legendary Pokemon and is also Dual Type, belonging to the Dark as well Flying Type. 

Being a Dark and Flying Type Pokemon, a Yveltal is resistant to the following types of moves: 

1. Dark Type

2. Ghost Type

3. Ground Type

4. Grass Type 

5. Psychic Type 

Moreover, a Yveltal also has some weaknesses, here are the types of Pokemon that a Yveltal is vulnerable to: 

1. Ice Type

2. Rock Type

3. Fairy Type

4. Electric Type

Thus, these are the best types of Pokemon to use if one is intending to fight against a
Yveltal is in a battle. However, the players should specifically avoid the Dark, Grass, Psychic, Ground, and Ghost Type Pokemon because a Yveltal is able to deal with the damage that these types inflict. 

As per the research, the best offense Moveset for a Yveltal includes the Gust and Hurrican attack. However, in the case of Defense, the best Moveset of Yveltal includes the Gust and Hyper Beam attack. 

The stats of a Yveltal are as follows:

1. ATK – 250

2. DEF – 185

3. STA – 246

Yveltal is one of a kind and you cannot obtain it through any kind of evolution nor can you evolve it into any other form. 

The maximum CP that a Yvelltal can have in Pokemon Go is 3781 which it attains on reaching level 40 in the game. The maximum HP of a Yveltal is at level 40 which amounts to 2206. 

You might be thinking of the techniques to catch a Yveltal in Pokemon by now because you have a good idea of how important this species is. For this, you must also know which are the best counter Pokemon to be used against this legendary Pokemon, right?

Thus, for your assistance, here is a list of the five best Pokemon along with their best fast and charged moves that are quite strong against a Yveltal and can easily beat it during a battle, in case you are planning to catch this legendary Pokemon. 

1. Darmanitan 

Charged Move – Avalanche

Fast Move –  Ice Fang

2. Xurkitree 

Charged Move – Discharge

Fast Move – Thunder Shock

3. Thundurus 

Charged Move – Thunderbolt

Fast Move – Thunder Shock

4. Zacian 

Charged Move – Play Rough   

Fast Move –  Quick Attack

5. Zekrom 

Charged Move – Wild Charge

Fast Move – Charge Beam

These are the best options along with their best Movesets that will help you a lot while battling a Yveltal and beat this Pokemon without much effort. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you know all you needed to about the legendary Pokemon Yveltal and you must now be aware of whether or not should you make effort in catching this amazing Pokemon to get it on your team and excel in the game. If there is any other Pokemon you want to know about in Pokemon Go, you can share it with us in the comments section below and we shall come up with another informational guide for you on the same.

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