How To Get Buzzwole Pokemon Go 2022

We all want some ultra beasts like Pheromosa, Xurkitree, and especially Buzwole in Pokemon Go, right? But, the problem is that obtaining such a hard-to-get Pokemon can be a challenge. However, as long as you have us, you don’t have to think much about this as we are doing that part. So, today, we will see how to get Buzzwole Pokemon Go.

To get Buzzwole Pokemon Go, you must participate in the Go Fest Seattle 2022, where you have to enter the City Experience Special Research. As you advance through it, in stage 4, you will have an encounter with the Buzzwole that you have to capture with the Beast Ball, which will be yours. You might need a little more assistance with it, and we are here for that. 

Buzzwole is one of the amazing Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go that have recently had their debut in the Pokemon Go fest. Everyone has their eyes on this muscular mosquito-looking dual-type Pokemon in the game and is doing their best to catch one. Before anyone else does, we want you to use our guide on how to get Buzzwole Pokemon Go and get one for yourself, and we are sure you also want the same. 

If you want to be the first among your friends to capture the Buzzwole Pokemon in Pokemon Go, then come with us to go through a complete guide on how to find one. 

How To Get Buzzwole Pokemon Go?

Let us inform you of an important thing: there is one and only one way to get the legendary Buzzwole Pokemon in Pokemon Go. And if you have guessed, that way to be the latest Go Fest event in Seattle. 

There will be three in-person events in the Go Fest 2022 after completion, which will be the finale for all the participants of the Go Fest 2022 globally. 

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So, before you take part in the event, it is necessary that you are aware of some things that will help you get through it and attain better chances of getting Buzzwole out of it. 

First, you need to know that there will be two sets of Special Research in the event: the Park Experience and the City Experience. You have to concentrate on the City Experience theme. 

As you go for the City Experience, you will first have to give your buddy three treats that will reward you with 2 Poffins. 

After this, you will get 2 incense as you earn 3 hearts along with your buddy. Then you can use incense to get 22 Poke Balls. This will also get you 2 lucky eggs and 2 Pinap berries as rewards; with this, the first level will end. 

In the second level of City Experience of Go Fest Seattle, you will have to spin minimum of 10 PokeStops, which will get you 2022 XP. Then you will be assigned three field research tasks and have to complete them all to get 2022 Stardust. 

After this, you have to walk with your buddy, which will earn you candy that will further get you the Lapras Encounter.  As a result, you will win 2 Egg incubators, 2 super incubators, plus 2 Premium Battle Passes in the event. 

In Phase 3, you have to hatch 2 eggs and get 2 silver Pinap berries, then you will have to battle in at least 2 raids to get 2022 XP again. Once you have earned 10,000 XP, you will be given 2 rare candies. In the end, you will be rewarded with Snorlax Encounter, 22 great balls, and 2 hyper potions. 

In level 2 of City Experience, you just have to power up your Pokemon at least 3 times which will get you 2 Max revives. And you will be rewarded with 22 Poke Balls and 22 ultra balls, and there you will be having the Buzzwole Encounter

You will be provided with a Beast ball as soon as you head to the Buzzwole Encounter so that you can catch the Buzzwole. This will be your moment where you have to grab the chance and capture the Pokemon to make it yours. 

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Wrap Up

That’s all about how to get Buzzwole Pokemon Go, and if you think you are prepared enough for this, go ahead and capture the Buzzwole Pokemon for yourself. In case you missed out on this Go Fest, don’t worry, you will soon get another chance in another event organized by the game, and we will update you about that.

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