How To Fix Bungie Error Code Olive | 3 Best Ways

Are you also facing the random disconnection while playing Destiny 2? The error code Olive is really getting in our way, stopping us from advancing further in the game. But we cannot let you suffer for long which is why we are going to tell you the workarounds to fix Bungie Error Code Olive. 

To fix Bungie Error Code Olive, you should first check if there is not any kind of server issue, if there is, you will need to wait for it to be resolved. Otherwise, restart your PC or console and run the game again. If this doesn’t work, make sure that you have linked your relevant Bungie account lest you shouldn’t be able to play the game in online mode. You can also check by reinstalling the game on your PC. 

Of several games that require a Bungie account to play in the online mode, Destiny 2 is also one and is quite popular as well. This role-playing shooter game is in the first person where you take the role of the guardians who have to become capable to fight of Ghaul and the Red Legion. 

If you are also tired of being kicked out of the online mode in Destiny 2, all thanks to Error code Olive, then we are here to your rescue. You will definitely find your solution by the end of reading this through. 

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How To Fix Bungie Error Code Olive?

Before you try any other method to fix the Olive error code, make sure that there is not any kind of server issue. Check if all the other Destiny 2 players are also dealing with the same trouble at that time.

If that is the case, we don’t think you can do anything about it because this is not just happening to you. So, all you can do is wait for the servers to start working. 

However, if the other players are effortlessly playing the game and only you are facing the error in the game, then here are the tricks that you can apply to fix the issue. 

1. Restart Your Console Or PC

Whichever platform you are using to play the game, be it your PC or any gaming console, the first and the easiest method that you can try out is restarting your device. Yes, turn your console or PC off and wait for a moment. Then, again start the devices and run the game. 

However, if you are using a console, only restarting the console will not be enough, you will need to try power cycling your console. 

See if the error has been resolved or not. If yes, well and good, and if not, then we will step to the next method.

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2. Link Your Bungie Account To The Game

Wait a minute, are you expecting to play the game in Online Mode without having your Bungie account connected to it? Sorry to say, but that is not going to happen. 

Make sure that you have connected with your Bungie account before you start playing the online mode, or else, you will definitely find the Olive error while proceeding every time. 

When you connect to your valid Bungie account, you are not going to face any issues playing the game. 

3. Install The Game Again

This method will work only for PC users. So, all you have to do is uninstall the game Destiny 2 from your PC and then install it again. Link your Bungie account and then run the game and see if it starts working properly. 

Also, do not forget to clear your Battle.Net cache data when you uninstall the game. Only after that attempt the reinstallation of Destiny 2. You can install the game from Steam just like you did for the first time on your PC. 

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Wrap Up

We have shared with you all the possible ways in which you can fix the Bungie Error Code Olive for Destiny 2. We are sure that at least one of these methods will solve your problem with the game. Try each of them one by one and see which one works for you and then you can enjoy playing the game in online mode

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