Must Try these Games Like Slime Rancher

The cute little Beatrix LeBeau, a young rancher is on a journey to a place far away from Earth and literally called Far Far Range. She steps into the business of Slime Ranching and creates her ranch. For the survival and breeding of the slimes, she collects and raises the slimes by feeding them. Would you like to try some other such games like Slime Rancher?

The character in Slime Rancher explores different environments to collect other slimes. By caring for and feeding them, Plorts, one of the main currencies of the games is produced which, when exchanged for gold, upgrades and explores new locations. All in all, a fun and exciting game to play.

Following are some amazing Games Like Slime Rancher:

1. Factorio

2. Spiritfarer

3. Green Hell

4. Jurassic World Evolution 2

5. Planet Zoo

6. My time at Portia

7. Ooblets

Keep reading for a detailed explanation of these games before choosing your best entertainment.

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7 Best Games Like Slime Rancher

The exploration and adventure are some amazing features of Slime Rancher. And if you are looking for some more adventure and creature collections, the following games can be fun.

1. Factorio

In this game, you are no different than a factory worker and carer. You will be building and producing products and infrastructures, you will use the best technologies and your research will help in mining resources and others. And of course, you need to fight with the creatures who are not huge fans of your work.

It’s all about imagination and creation where you can use simple elements to form unique designs. The multiplayer feature can make the game more entertaining when you are accompanied by your friends.

Your management skills which surely were tested in Slime Rancher will enhance further and your planning and research for making your factory advanced will make you feel accomplished.

2. Spiritfarer

The journey beyond death is mysterious but you here, are the ferry master. Similar to Slime Rancher, you will construct, create and take care of the spirits who you befriend and help release them to the mystical afterlife.

The storyline is amazing where the player is Stella, the ferry master or the Spiritfarer who is bound to find different spirits and take care of them till the journey ends in the afterlife. You need to fulfill the needs and requirements of the spirits and grant them their last wishes. 

The storyline makes it even more emotional when you have to say goodbye to the spirits. It’s surely fun to play.

3. Green Hell

In this game, the survival of the fittest takes place in the Amazon Rainforest. What makes it more interesting for the players are the survival techniques inspired by real life like fighting, collecting and managing resources for survival, and hunting when required.

Like Slime Rancher, you must capture and raise unique, exotic creatures and breed and feed them. The thrill lies in living alone in the jungle which challenges an individual’s sanity and mental health.

You will enjoy this game surviving like a lone wolf.

4. Jurassic World Evolution 2

The name in itself has the thrill everyone needs. You must have enjoyed watching the movies, now customize and manage your own Jurassic world theme park. Find the dinosaurs, capture them, feed and take care of them and raise them.

The game also provides a learning experience where you not only capture and feed the animals but learn about them and study their behavioral and physical features.  

Like Slime Rancher, each species has a unique trait and preference and the player needs to study it.

If you are a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, this game is a must for you.

5. Planet Zoo

Time to put your management skills to test, again! Construct and manage a perfect zoo for the wildlife, feed them and raise them. There are different species with different needs which the player has to fulfill. 

And as this is a home for the wildlife, it should be managed as such. The player must keep the zoo clean and make it more beautiful for the visiting guests. The management includes looking for and hiring staff for these animals and conducting research.

You can surely earn a degree in Zoo management after playing this interesting game.

6. My Time At Portia

This game takes you back to the good old farming days when you are given the responsibility to reconstruct and manage your Pa’s old farm. And as a dutiful farmer, you will be growing crops and raising cattle and other farm animals. And of course, fighting the monsters with your own crafted weapons.

The socializing feature of the game is very realistic. The dialogues and fun games and on top of that, marriage. There are many such fun interactions. As the game progress, more missions will come your way and the competition to look for the best builder will rise.

It is the most fun game with the most human elements.

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7. Ooblets

The finest of the games on the list is Ooblets. Similar to Slime Rancher, you find, collect and take care of the creatures. It’s like living in your own constructed world.

The Mayor of Bridgetown welcomes you and you start off your journey from a simple farm.

It is also a treat for Pokemon fans as its battling and creature-collecting mechanics are similar to that used in catching Pokemon. There are no major fights for survival but cute dance battles which make it very entertaining.

This adorable game with cute little details should definitely be a part of your gaming list.

Wrap Up

If you think you are a pro in management, take up these games as a challenge and enjoy!

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