8 New Class Race Combos Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is an epic game with a grand style, characters, gameplay, and storyline. The new expansion of WoW Dragonflight is bringing up more changes and challenges for the players. You are well aware of the earlier issues where classes were defined by the Race limitations of the game. However, the developers tried to rise from this and bring the long-awaited changes. 

The new changes in the new expansion will allow the players to customize new characters. The Dracthyr Evoker race class is already getting popularity and the developers’ decision of adding more such class race combos will surely enhance the level of the game. 

The change in the game includes the addition of Rogue, Priest, and Mage classes to all races excluding Dracthyr has caught a lot of attention. 

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8 New Class Race Combos Dragonflight

The new Dragonflight expansion has added eight new class race combos for the players. They are:

  1. Draenei Rogue

Draenei Rogue has Rogue class combined with Draenei Race. 

  1. Highmountain Tauren Mage

Highmountain Tauren Mage has the Highmountain Tauren race combined with the Mage Class. 

  1. Highmountain Tauren Priest 

The Priest class is combined with the Highmountain Tauren Race to form the Highmountain Tauren Priest. 

  1. Highmountain Tauren Rogue

Highmountain Tauren Rogue has Rogue Class combined with Highmountain Tauren Race.

  1. Lightforged Draenei Rogue 

This combo has Lightforged Draenei Race combined with Rogue class. 

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  1. Orc Priest

In Orc Priest Combo, the Priest class was combined with Orc Race. 

  1. Tauren Mage

Tauren Mage has Tauren Race combined with the Mage class. 

  1. Tauren Rogue

Tauren Rogue combines the Rogue class with Tauren Race. 

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Dracthyr Evoker Race

The fantasy elements will only enhance with the new release of Dragonflight. The new class/race combo of the game is the Dracthyr Evoker which looks both promising and exciting. Present on the Dragon Isles, Dracthyr possesses some great power and capabilities. The players will be able to customize the Dracthyrs with both Humanoid and Draconic forms. The new race has powers combining all those of the five dragonflights. 

The Evokers can also use Empower, a new mechanic, that allows them to change the properties of the spell to their desired results. This can be used for a more damaging attack, more destruction or more area to be affected. This can a unique feature of the race. 

8 New Class Race Combos Dragonflight – FAQs

Will all races be unlocked in Dragonflight?

In the new expansion, the player would be able to create Mages, Rogues, and Priests of any race except that of the new Dracthyr race. Dracthy race will only be working with the Evoker class. 

Does Race affect class in WoW?

Character customization initiates with choosing a class and a suitable race for your character. The race determines various aspects of the character and the game. Particular classes are available for particular races so the moment you choose a race, the class options will narrow down to those available for this race. 

What is the most popular class in WoW?

If we consider the American players and the European players then according to the study, Hunter is leading the most popular class list. However, if we consider the overall scenario, then the top position shifts among Hunter, Druid, and Paladin. 

When is the WoW Dragonflight release date?

The fans will finally be able to play and enjoy WoW Dragonflight very soon as the game is all ready and set to release on November 28, 2022. 

Wrap Up

The player characters in WoW Dragonflight are a great attraction for the players due to their uniqueness. There are about eight new class/race combos in the new release and you will enjoy these new characters when you play. We have given an insight into the races and the classes they are combined with and also the new characteristics of the Dracthyr Evoker race class. The new release sounds Epic and will surely perform well. 

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