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Serial killers are people who would murder innocent victims without any motive or reason, this awful killing involves sexual abuse as well. One such serial killer is Jeffrey Dahmer who brutally killed 17 men.  

In this article, we will be discussing the story of the same serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and the mystery behind the 72 Polaroids.

Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer and was born on May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee. They were a family of four people, Joyce (his Mom), Linel (his dad), and a younger brother Devid. His parents were not in a good relationship. His mom used to take medicines for anxiety and depression. His father used to study chemistry and due to his research, he would stay away from the house for a longer period of this. This affected their relationship and the family felt left out.

Jeffrey was diagnosed with a double hernia in his scrotum and had multiple surgeries. His parents used to fight on this topic. His father believed that after the surgery Jeffrey would not have any problems in the future. But his mom did not want his child to bear the pain at a young age. The surgery brought a lot of change in him and Jeffrey was not the same after that.

What Is The Story Behind Jeffrey Dahmer’s 72 Polaroids?

Jeffery Had committed about 17 murders in his life. He used to take photographs of his victims with his camera. He would cut their body parts and then click pictures of the dead body in sexual positions. Then he would keep the body parts in the freezer. The reason for taking pictures of the body still remains a mystery. 

He was constantly bullied in the school and did not have friends. Since childhood Jeffery was anti-social. He used to pick insects and bugs in a jar and bring them home. His dad discovered Jeffrey’s interest in dead bugs so he took him on a drive and brought a dead raccoon with him. His dad dissected the raccoon in front of Jeffrey and from there he picked interest in the dead body and internal organs.

According to the people who studied his case, after killing people he used to feel lonely and that is why he would click pictures and keep the body parts of the dead with him. These helped him to overcome his sadness and loneliness. Later these pictures helped the police to find the culprit, when they searched his room the police found 72 Polaroids. 

Where Can We Find Jeffrey Dahmer’s All 72 Polaroids?

We would not recommend anyone to see these Polaroid pictures as they contain content that may be traumatizing. These pictures are basically of the dead bodies, genitals organs, and other body parts of the 17 men murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer. 

All 72 polaroids are available only in the case file and are with the police. They can not be found anywhere else. But there are still a few polaroids about 5 to 6 which are still available on some websites but they are illegal.

Which Netflix Show Is Based On Jeffrey Dahmer?

There is a Netflix series based on the life of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer which was created by Ryan Morphy and Ian Brennan and released in 2022. The name of the series is 

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

The series is based on the true events and murders by Jeffrey and is disturbing and traumatizing. It consists of dead bodies, sexual violence, dead bodies, etc. 


Jeffrey Dahmer had brutally murdered 17 men and he used to keep their genitals and body parts mummified. He had kept 72 Polaroid pictures of all the dead people and their organs which were found by police in his room.

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