Killed Varre Elden Ring | What Happens if you kill first NPC?

One of the first NPC that you’ll encounter in Elden Ring is White-Faced Varre. You’ll meet him close to the initial Site of Grace. Talk to him and take note of the tips that he provides you.

At a certain moment, the player will make you a maiden. A similar remark can cause some players to take out Varre. However, is it actually good for the team? Let’s see!

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Killed Varre Elden Ring

What will happen if I kill White-Faced Varre?

If you kill the White-Faced Varre, who is a thief, he will give you 500 Runes and six festering Bloody Fingers. When you get killed before completing his questline, it will lock you out of the quest, leading to the most effective farming strategy within the game. You’ll have to start with a fresh game if you wish to complete the quest.

Elden Ring supports multiple characters and multiple saves. It is possible to start an entirely new game if you killed an NPC you did not want to.

Should I kill the White-Faced Varre?

Do not kill White-Faced Varre at the beginning of the game. He’s a crucial NPC, so killing him can cause a lot of trouble. Start by completing the quest before deciding whether you’d like to murder him. If you are looking to collect the Festering Bloody Finger, he drops the item; then you must kill him. This item can be used to communicate and interact with players. In addition, you can use the 500 Runes that he leaves to purchase currency or increase the level of your character.

Varre is among the very few friendly NPC in the Elden Ring. This is another reason you shouldn’t kill him.

Another helpful NPC one of the NPCs is Alexander The Potboy. He will appear at the end of the game.

Are you able to revive Varre to life in Elden Ring?

It is not possible to revive Varre in the Elden Ring. Although you can make use of Celestial Dew or atone to the Chuch of Vows to revive merchant NPCs who have died, This method won’t apply to Varre. He’s dead forever. He can’t be reborn at the church of Vows.

Which choice did you make? Did you murder Varre? Did you spare his tiny life? Let me know via the comments below.

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