Full-Auto SMG LAPA Warzone Loadout

A new full-auto submachine gun was introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War during the eerie season. It comes with a slower fire rate but with reliable damage and improved handling speed. 

With few changes in attachments, LAPA will definitely become a good choice for high-skill players. You just need some specific and unique loadout setup and you’ll be all ready to bang in Warzone.

To make your ordinary LAPA stand out in a warzone, you have to make a good combination of attachments which includes a Suppressor, Laser, Mag, Barrel, Stock, etc.

As you move further, you will gradually know which are the perfect attachments for LAPA and why?

LAPA Warzone Loadout 2022

LAPA is not a fast-firing machine like the MAC-10. Although it comes with good recoil control, its normal mag size is still very small. 

If your aim is good, you can still attain faster killing time than most other submachine guns available in Warzone.

Warzone Loadout for LAPA

MuzzleAgency Suppressor
StockSAS Combat Stock
BarrelRifled Barrel
LaserTiger Team Spotlight
AmmunitionSTANAG 50 Round

This loadout has been recommended by skilled gamers on youtube and many players follow it. There are some attachments like stock, barrel, etc, which are up to you to select. Whatever you find useful in your gameplay, you can proceed with them.

First, we believe that an agency suppressor should be the first and foremost attachment you should equip as a muzzle. There are some benefits of using this muzzle, such as Vertical Recoil Control, Effective Damage Range, Bullet Velocity, etc.

For stock, SAS Combat Stock and Raider stock are both good options.

The Rifled Barrel can help you in giving more damage to your enemies so that you can easily knock them down. And the Tiger Team Spotlight is capable enough of maintaining your movement speed while you aim.


Talking about the loadout, this LAPA Loadout is going to make LAPA your favorite SMG weapon once you play one game with this setup.

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