Most Expensive PS2 games To Explore in 2022-2023

There was never a limited genre in PS2. From shooters to racers, from role-playing to fighting, PS2 games had it all and thus apt for everyone and loved by almost all. 

One of the greatest video games console, Sony’s Play Station 2 stayed at the top for a long time. 

Following are some of the most expensive PS2 games available 

  1. ObsCure 
  2. Dragon Ball Z : Budokai Tenkaichi 3
  3. Marvel vs Capcom 2
  4. Def Jam: Fight For NY
  5. Blood Will Tell 
  6. Haunting Ground 
  7. Rule Of Rose
  8. Kuon

A detailed version of these most expensive PS2 games will be beneficial for you before opting for one or all of them.

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Following are the 8 most expensive PS2 games chosen for you

  1. ObsCure 

The setting of this survival horror game is Leafmore High School where some unexplained disappearances have made it difficult to survive. The player in the game takes control of a group of 5 American students who are on board to solve the mysterious disappearances and secrets of the school. 

After the disappearance of one of their friends, the group is ready to investigate the mysteries of the school. The classic of all survival horror games, each student in ObsCure has a special ability that can be used. 

But as the best comes with a price, so does ObsCure. It started from $125 and recent is $270.

  1. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 

The popular anime series increased in popularity even further when it kickstarted in the gaming area. The game is as good as the show. It features almost 161 characters, probably the largest number in any fighting game.

The fights, the flying, and the action featured in the previous game series are taken to a new level in this. The new and improved fighting techniques used in the game are loved by all the fans of Dragon Ball Z.

The expected  price to play this perfect game ranges between $125 and $130 

  1. Marvel VS. Capcom 2 

If you too are obsessed with Marvel and its Superheros, then this is for you. With over 50 characters to fight or choose from, each of them has special combat skills, aerial moves, special attacks, and projectile blasts. 

The player can swap or replace the character fighters anytime in the game. The best fighting game with the best characters chosen from the comics makes the game loved by all. The intense battle of the marvel characters against those of Capcoms increases the combat skills of the game. From Venom to War Machine and Wolverine, your favorite characters to choose from are in abundance. 

The price ranges from about $140 to $200.

  1. Def Jam: Fight For NY

Now, this is for all the rap lovers who can’t get enough of their favorite rappers. Def Jam is a hip-hop-based action game available for PS2 in which the character players are not random but your favorite rappers. There is Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Ludacris, and many more for you to play with.

The player can choose any fighting style from martial arts, kickboxing, Wrestling, submissions, and streetfighting. The player needs to fight his way through the New York Underground. 

The PS2 price for Def Jam: Fight For NY can range from $129 to $165

  1. Blood Will Tell

Based on the Japanese Manga series Dororo, Blood Will Tell has a hero named Hyakkimaru who has a pitiful situation as many of the pieces of his body were stolen by 48 different people and now has prosthetic replacements.

Hyakkimaru now must fight and defeat all 48 of his friends with his friend or companion Dororo the thief. This unique gameplay and storyline are very exciting to play.

The price of the game on PS2 can range from $200 to $300.

  1. Haunting Ground 

An amazing survival horror game on the list, Haunting Ground’s storyline consists of a young female protagonist Fiona, who was involved in a car accident and later woke up in a strange dungeon or castle and she now needs to survive there.

Another interesting feature of this game is the protagonist’s canine companion, Hewie, who obeys the commands the developing friendship with the hero. 

Not just the game but the price can also haunt the game lovers as a loose disc alone costs around $250 and the complete copy can go up to $600.

  1. Rule Of Rose

The most expensive of the survival horror game on the list, Rule of Rose is set in 1930s England and the storyline concerns a young woman, Jennifer who is confined in an alternate world where a group of young girls who call themselves the Red Crayon Aristocrats are the rulers. 

Even the protagonist of this game is accompanied by a dog named Brown who is rescued by her. This psychological horror game has exclusive combats and improvised weapons for the character’s survival. There are many puzzles to solve and Brown’s ability is required in some of them.

The cost can range from #320 to $400 and a new copy can even go up to $1000

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  1. Kuon 

Based on traditional Japanese style and storytelling, Kuon is set in an estate in Kyoto, Japan. In the gameplay, the player has to take on the role of three characters Utsuki, Sakuya, and Abe no Seimei. Throughout the game, the characters explore the mansion and solve the puzzles.

Many of the characters are qualified or trained in exorcism and the enemies against whom the characters need to survive are dangerous and terrifying. 

Another terrifying feature of the game is its price on PS2. Just a loose disc can range up to $400 and the complete copy can be more than $1000.

Wrap Up 

The higher the price, the more amazing is the game. Those who are a fan of these genres and gameplays should definitely check these out. The thrill, the excitement, and the stunning storyline are worth it.

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