overwatch ptr unexpected error fix

Are you unable to connect to PTR and getting the “Unexpected Server Error Occurred” issue while playing Overwatch? If Yes, then there’s no need to panic, as it happens with almost everyone while they try to log the game. 

There could be many reasons to encounter this issue, but we promise that with today’s guide, your Overwatch PTR unexpected error will be fixed. 

Overwatch PTR Unexpected issue is not the issue from your side. There can be a technical glitch on the company’s side. If still, after some time, your issue is not resolved, then you can contact Blizzard customer support.

What You Need To Know About Overwatch PTR Servers?

Blizzard has released many games over the years and Overwatch is also one of them. The Blizzard games are mostly multiplayer. 

Therefore, before its actual release to the public, different game teams test them on the Public Test Realms (PTR) servers to ensure the balance of the game. So, PTR servers for Overwatch are part of this. 

How To Fix Overwatch PTR Unexpected Error Issue?

The Overwatch game server goes down suddenly, and in most cases, there is no problem from your side. Overwatch Beta Patches create strange behavior between servers. 

And then, Blizzard, shuts down the server from their end, so that the bug can be fixed. Apart from this, there could be many other reasons why you face a connection error. 

Like, Blizzard makes changes to the new patch in the middle of the testing, or maybe the PTR servers are not available or active to play at the moment. If that are the reasons, then it can be resolved by the Blizzard itself. 

If still, after some time, your issue is not resolved, then you can contact the Blizzard customer support Twitter account.

Troubleshooting Ways To Fix The Overwatch PTR Unexpected Error Issue

Sometimes the server error can be a technical glitch, that can be resolved by applying some basic troubleshooting techniques to the game. 

Here are some of the fixes that you can do to overcome the Overwatch PTR server issues- 

  1. Restart your connection
  2. Reset your Internet Connection
  3. Update your Device Drivers
  4. Update your Windows system to its latest version
  5. Run the game in compatible mode
  6. Close all other applications from the background
  7. Repair the Game Files
  8. Clean Install the Blizzard Program
  9. Contact the Overwatch Support Team


Wait for some time and wait for the issue to be fixed automatically by the Blizzard team. If there is an urgency, then you can contact Blizzard customer support and ask them about your issue. 

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