Pokemon Go How To Get Revives In 5 Different Ways?

It would have happened a lot of times to you that you are close to winning a battle in Pokemon Go but just then, your Pokemon drained out of its remaining energy. Sounds like something familiar, right? Well, do you know there is something that can help you in such an instance? We are talking about an item called “Revives” here. So, let us see how to get revives in Pokemon Go. 

To get Revives in Pokemon Go, you can level up in the game, defeat a Raid Boss during the battle, complete research tasks, open your gifts, or spin the Photo Disc at every gym and PokeStop you arrive at. To understand in detail the quickest and easiest methods for getting revives, keep reading and you will yourself find them out. 

In Pokemon Go, there are several items available that help the players a lot in advancing forward. One such item is the Revives which are quite useful when it comes to restoring the health of their Pokemon that have fainted due to their energy drained out. 

Is your Pokemon short of HP and you do not have any Revives left? Then come with us to find all the possible methods for this. You cannot miss this because, without revives, your Pokemon will lose the battle if it gets fainted while you are too close to victory. 

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Pokemon Go How To Get Revives? 

Whenever the health bar (HP) of a Pokemon reaches Zero in Pokemon Go, you can heal them only with the help of Revives. 

Also, remember that there are two kinds of revives available in Pokemon Go, one being the regular revive and the other Max Revive. 

While a regular revive heals only half of a Pokemon’s HP, a Max Revive completely restores the fainted Pokemon’s HP from Zero to Full, so a Max revive would be much more beneficial for you to have. 

You find all the Revives you already possess in your Item Bag in the game. 

The revives that the players have appeared on the page and you can simply click on your fainted Pokemon and use the revive on it. 

However, if all your existing Revives have been used up already, here are some of the ways in which you can obtain more of them. 

1. By Leveling Up in the game. 

2. By defeating a Raid Boss.

3. By spinning the Photo Disc present at PokeStops and Gyms

4. By completing Research Tasks

5. By opening the Daily Gifts

These are the most common five ways in which you can collect a lot of Revives in the game. However, of all these methods, the two best ways are spinning the Photo Discs and leveling up in the game. 

While it will take a significant time of yours to level up in the game because that is a long process and you might not be willing to wait for that much of your time, you can opt for the other method of spinning the Photo Discs at every gym and PokeStop you find. 

This will be the most suitable method to get more and more revives easily and quickly because there would be a lot of PokeStops and Gyms in your surroundings. But remember one thing, you will be able to get revives from the spinning of Photo Discs only after you have reached level 5 in the game. 

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If you do not want to do much to get revives and just go with the long process of leveling up in the game, every time you level up from Level 5 to 29, you will keep receiving regular revives. 

Until level 29, you will only find regular revive throughout the game, it will be only after you reach level 30 in the game that you will be able to receive Max Revives as well by leveling up each time and spinning the Photo Discs. 

Wrap Up

This was our guide to getting revives in Pokemon Go. Apart from these methods, you should also keep participating in some special research tasks that often take place within the game where you can receive many exciting rewards on completion of each step along with obtaining a number of Max Revives as well.

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