Pokemon Go How To Set Buddy In 2022

Are you still unaware of how you can possibly choose a buddy for yourself in Pokemon Go as a trainer? So, this article will cover one of the most important features of Pokemon Go how to set buddy that will walk with you through your journey in the game.

To set a Buddy in Pokemon Go, you have to go to the Trainer’s Portrait present in the Map view screen to open your profile screen. There you have to tap on the Buddy button which will present to you all the Pokemon available to you that you can make your Buddy, you may choose whichever you would like to have as your buddy and proceed.

Having an ample amount of Pokemon types in the game Pokemon Go, every trainer would like to switch from one Buddy to another. But if you are new to the game you would need to learn how to set a buddy Pokemon for yourself for the first time in the game as a trainer.

Let us discuss the procedure of setting up a Pokemon of your choice as your buddy so that you can further walk with them which will be an important step in evolving your Buddy Pokemon. 

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What Is The Need To Set A Buddy In Pokemon Go?

Before learning in Pokemon Go how to set Buddy, you should first be well aware of the importance of doing this. So, what will you get by setting a Buddy for your character in Pokemon Go? Actually, when you make a specific Pokemon your buddy, you get to build and enhance a good relationship with that Pokemon. As a result of this, when your friendship level increases, there are a lot of perks that you, as players will get to receive. 

As you continue to be with the same Pokemon as your buddy for some time, you interact with it from time to time which provides you with the Affection Hearts and it improves the mood of your buddy. The happier your Buddy feels with you, the more you will rise in the friendship level with that Buddy, and thus, you will soon be able to evolve your buddy Pokemon into a better version of itself. 

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In Pokemon Go How To Set Buddy? 

Now that you know the importance to set a buddy in Pokemon Go for yourself as a trainer, it is time to know how to do this. 

So, it is your very first time selecting a buddy in Pokemon Go, you have to go to the Map view in the game and tap on the Trainer’s portrait present at the bottom left corner of the screen. 

Then, tap on the “Buddy Button” from where you can choose the Pokemon you would like to have as your buddy. 

This will set that Pokemon as your buddy in the game for as long as you want to have it. After having a Pokemon selected as your buddy, you can always visit their Buddy Profile screen with just a tap on Buddy’s Portrait which will appear next to where your Trainer’s Portrait is in the Map View. 

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How To Change Buddy In Pokemon Go?

Now that once you have set a Pokemon as your Buddy in the game, you would obviously wish to switch to another buddy at a certain point in time, so, how will this happen? 

If you want to change your Buddy in Pokemon Go, then you have to visit the Buddy Profile Screen by tapping the option present at the bottom left of the Map View next to the Trainer’s Profile option. 

Next, you will see the option of “Swap Buddies” in the menu, tap on that button. Now you can choose any other Pokemon from the ones you own and make it your new Buddy in the game. 

Remember that you are allowed to swap your Pokemon Go Buddy not more than twenty times in a day. Once you have reached the limit, you will have to continue with the same buddy for the rest of the day and wait for the next day to change it again.

Wrap Up

After reading this guide on Pokemon Go on how to set buddy, we are sure that you won’t be encountering any kind of confusion as you are up for choosing a buddy for the first time or swapping your Buddy from one Pokemon to another, so, enjoy having your favorite Pokemon as your buddy and build an impressive friendship with them.

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