Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix 2022

Did Niantic Soft Ban you too on Pokemon Go? You must be trying hard to get rid of this then. Don’t worry, we are here to put an end to your trouble with our Pokemon Go Soft Ban fix after which you will again be able to play the game without any hindrances. 

In Pokemon Go, we know that several Pokemon and items are exclusive to specific locations and players often cheat within the game to have access to them all. To prevent this from happening, Niantic has started soft banning the suspected players on Pokemon Go. 

To fix the Pokemon Go Soft Ban, you must create another account on Pokemon Go and then uninstall the app. After that, when you reinstall the game and log in again with your previous account, the soft ban will be lifted from your account in Pokemon Go. Alternatively, you can also visit a Pokestop and spin the coins 40 times to lift the soft ban. 

If you wish to know in detail about the Soft Ban of Pokemon Go as well as how to fix the problem whenever it arises for you, then keep reading and get all your answers. 

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How To Avoid Pokemon Go Soft Ban?

If you are using the method of GPS spoofing on Pokemon Go to travel to other locations for advancing in the game, there are great chances that you might get soft-banned on the game. 

Once Niantic Soft Bans you on Pokemon Go, even if you find any great Pokemon with all your effort and try to catch it, the Pokemon will escape no matter what type of ball you had used in the encounter, that time, even feeding the Pokemon with any berries is not going to help.

Not just this, whenever you take part in gym fights, the Soft Ban will not allow you to win any of the battles and you will also not be able to loot the Pokestops as long as you are soft-banned. So it is better that you do not fall into such a situation. 

If you want to prevent your account from being soft-banned, there are certain things that you need to make sure of while spoofing. 

1. Do not put any Pokemon in Gym. 

2. Do not catch any wild Pokemon.

3. Do not cross the limit while spinning the PokeStop.

4. Do not catch any Shadow Pokemon. 

5. Do not feed any berries to a wild Pokemon. 

If you take care of all these things, there is no chance that Niantic will soft ban you on Pokemon Go, so make sure to keep all these DO NOTs in your mind. 

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Pokemon Go Soft Ban Fix

In case you have already made a mistake and Niantic has soft banned you, we know what can be done in order to fix this issue and remove the soft ban on your account. 

The first thing you need to do is create a new Pokemon Go account for yourself. Now, access this account and then uninstall the game Pokemon Go from your device. 

Then, again install the game to your phone and log in to the game with your previous account that was soft-banned. 

As you log in to it with your banned account, you will find that the soft ban from Niantic on your Pokemon Go account has already been lifted. 

Apart from this, there is another way for you to get yourself unbanned on Pokemon Go. In this method, you need to go to any PokeStop around you and start spinning the coins consistently about 40 times. You will know that the number has reached because the color of the Pokestpp will turn purple as soon as you have spun the coins 40 times.

As a result of this, the ban will be lifted from your Pokemon Go account and you can confirm this by finding and catching any wild Pokemon in the game which you weren’t allowed to do while you were soft-banned. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you will take care of the things that are essential for you to prevent your account from being soft-banned. However, if you still get banned, the methods we mentioned will definitely help you get out of that problem and you will again have access to all the Pokemon and other items within the game Pokemon Go.

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