Pokemon That Can Learn False Swipe

Have you heard of the Normal Type Move known as the False Swipe that always leaves at least 1 HP to the target Pokemon? We guess you are planning to make your team learn this move, but you should first know about the Pokemon that can learn False Swipe in the game, right?

There are different kinds of moves that Pokemon can use in Pokemon Games like Pokemon GO, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Legends Arceus, and many more. Every move has its own significance, while some of them are quite normal, there are some special moves, just as the False Swipe Move. 

The Pokemon that can learn False Swipe include Kartana, Tapu Koko, Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus, Karrablast, Escavalier, Levanny, Gallade, Zangoose, and many more. If you also want to know the criteria that are considered for them being eligible to get this False Move, then you would need to keep reading. 

Let us know more in detail about the Pokemon that can learn False Swipe so that you know if you have any of them and how you can possibly make them learn this move. 

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Pokemon That Can Learn False Swipe 

False Swipe usually leaves an opponent with at least one hit point and is a rather potent move. This technique is essential in the Pokemon games as players attempt to capture wild Pokemon. The weaker a wild Pokemon is, and having only one health point as feeble as it gets, the greater the probability of catching one. False Swipe is the best move for catching wild Pokemon because of this.

Here is a list of the most important Pokemon that are capable of learning False Swipe as their move and you should definitely consider these. 

1. Kartana

Kartana is one of the strongest Ultra Beasts that you find among all the Pokemon that can learn False Swipe. This is a Grass and Steel Type Pokemon and can be made to learn False Swipe once it reaches level 7 in the game. 

2. Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko is a Fairy and Electric Type Pokemon and cannot be evolved into anything else. You can make Tapu Koko learn its False Swipe move at the very first level in the game, however, there are seven more first-level moves for this Pokemon, so, you don’t know which one you would get. It is better that you catch a number of Tapu Koko to ultimately get one having False Swipe. 

3. Axew, Fraxure, And Haxorus

These are the three Pokemon that belong to the same evolutionary chain, one evolved from the other. All these Dragon Type Pokemon can learn False Swipe. 

While Axew learns this move at level 6, you need to use Relearner to make Fraxure and Haxorus learn it, or they also learn this move on hatching from an egg. 

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4. Karrablast And Escavalier

Karrablast, the Bug Type Pokemon, evolves into an Escavailer, a Bug and Steel Type Pokemon. Each of them can learn the False Swipe Move at level 12. 

5. Leavanny

This one is a Grass and Bug Type Pokemon which can learn False Swipe at first level, however, you will either need to use the Relearner move or hatch it from an egg for it to have this move. 

6. Gallade

Gallade, the Fighting, and Psychic Type Pokemon can learn False Swipe at the 23rd level in the game. 

7. Zangoose

This is a Normal Type Pokemon and is another one on the list of those who can use a False Swipe. A False Swipe that follows a Quick Attack from Zangoose can be quite impactful. 

8. Scyther And Scizor

Scyther, the Bug, and Flying Type Pokemon evolve into Scyther, the Bug, and Steel Type Pokemon. While a Scizor can learn false swipe at just level 13, a Scyther needs to be at least at level 18 to learn this move. 

Let us also get through a few more Pokemon that can learn the move False Swipe in the game. 

1. Grovyle

2. Sceptile

3. Cubone

4. Marowak

5. Farfetch’d

6. Nincada

7. Venusaur

8. Charizard

9. Blastoise

10. Urshifu

11. Virizion

16. Zacian

17. Mew

Wrap Up

Thus, these were all the major Pokemon that can learn False Swipe in the Pokemon games where they exist. If you have any of them, you can check their eligibility level and make them learn this amazing and unique move in the game. If you wish to know about any other move for your Pokemon, you can feel free to tell us in the comments.

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