Quick Play Titles for Lunch Break Gaming

Having a break in the middle of the day is super important for keeping up productivity, but it can be frustrating when you’ve finished eating your lunch and have nothing to do with the remainder of your time. The temptation is often to get straight back to work to get things finished up sooner, but instead, we suggest spending at least some of that time relaxing with a game.

After all, allowing your brain to switch off and recover is what lunch breaks are for. This is our pick of some of the best games that you can pick up and put down in as little as five minutes, for when you’re pushed for time, but still need entertaining.


First on the list is blackjack a great choice for anyone who wants to fire up their grey matter on their lunch break. This card game is simple to play, you simply need to get as close to 21 as possible with your hand of cards, without going over 21. If you do then you’re ‘bust’ and you lose your bet, if you don’t get as close to 21 as the dealer does then the same applies, but if your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer then you win.

Whilst the rules are simple, there’s a surprising amount of strategy that goes into playing a game of blackjack exactly right. In fact, whilst you peruse the many blackjack online games to enjoy it’s worth also looking at a blackjack table, so that you can figure out the optimum move to play depending on the cards that you’re dealt. This game is one for the brainiacs, but if you’re feeling like not using your brain at all then the next one might be more up your street.


Some gamers like full-on action all the time, but others prefer something altogether more relaxing. If you fall into the latter camp then Dorfromantik should be right up your street. This cute indie game invites you to build a town by rotating and placing interlocking hexagons. If you like some kind of competitive element then you can choose to play in Standard mode, where you get extra points for matching tiles together, for example, if you place tiles with woods on one edge next to each other, then manage to perfectly match the remaining edges of the tiles, you’ll get a bunch of points.

This mode can be a challenge, but a relaxed one. Of course, if you’d like to let your creativity reign with no extra stipulations then their Imagination mode is the best choice. Here, you can create the most adorable town of your dreams, with no worries of running out of tiles, or needing to gain points.

Goat Simulator 3

Perhaps Dorfromantik sounds a little too relaxing for you, but blackjack might be a little too much of a mental math workout. If that’s the case then Goat Simulator is the perfect combination of silly, but action-packed. We’ve actually already reviewed this game before, but we like it, so it deserves its place on the quick-play shortlist. As you might expect, Goat Simulator 3 allows you to play the entirety of the game as a goat.

There’ll be headbutting, spinning, prancing, and jumping, as well as a huge amount of mischief. There are goals that you can complete, but there’s also no penalty for doing whatever you like and enjoying the fantastic graphics and crazy gameplay. Those who have a love for chaos but would prefer chaos of the Caprinae variety need to look no further than this totally daft, but brilliant video game.

Subway Surfers

So far there hasn’t been a whole lot of choice for gamers who enjoy an adrenaline-boosting, action-packed game. That’s partly because these games can be tricky to put down quickly, especially if you’ve made it further than ever before. However, there’s a place even for the most fast paced of games. As well as this, a game that you can play on your mobile is never a bad idea, especially if you’re working in the office. Subway Surfers manages to combine all those attributes and is a great choice for both iOS and Android users as it’s free to get going, with the option to pay to skip ahead and remove adverts.

The aim of the game is to avoid trains and other obstacles whilst surfing down the subway. Your jetpack is what fuels you and it seems to get faster and faster for some reason. This makes gaming increasingly difficult, but if you collect plenty of coins and manage to outrun the police on your tail and avoid the myriad of obstacles in front of you then you might just snag a high score, which is really, what it’s all about.

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