7 Roblox Top Role Playing Games

Role-playing games let you live another life, carrying you away from the regular formalities and boring life. They let you take up a different personality and perform the duties chosen for you in your ‘new life. Roblox provides you with numerous role-playing game options for you to try and enjoy.

The player might find himself in a foreign land with unique missions to fulfill. These uncertainties in such games make the player excited and keep them hooked to the game. We brought some exciting role-playing games you can enjoy on Roblox. 

Following are the Roblox Top Role playing games  

  1. Robloxaville
  2. Welcome to Bloxburg
  3. Brookhaven
  4. Hospital Roleplay
  5. Swordburst 2
  6. Backpacking
  7. Club Roblox

Know more about these role-playing games in detail and try them for more fun, excitement, and entertainment with some amazing stories.

7 Roblox top Role Playing games

  1. Robloxaville
Roblox Top Role Playing Games - Robloxaville

The role-playing game Robloxaville is about suburban life, having a family, and engaging in occasionally odd jobs like being a convict or a law enforcement officer. Just like in real life, the player needs money for vehicles or other house amenities and there are a variety of methods to obtain them. 

The players can obtain gifts from fellow gamers. They have the ability to gather fruits or go fishing which can be exchanged for cash. The game provides you with a complete virtual society with hotels, restaurants, preschools, hospitals, and much more.

  1. Welcome to Bloxburg
Roblox Top Role Playing Games - Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Roblox provides a life-simulation experience for gamers. The game is set in a fictional city and provides an insight into the life and daily routine of the player. The player’s house is what he makes and the house furniture is what he desires to create. Bloxburg, the fictional city is huge and you can explore as much as you want. 

The player can work in a variety of jobs for money and there are about twelve jobs to choose from. The money earned by the player is dependent on the in-game mood of the player. The higher the mood, the more money received. The player can construct anything they want. 

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  1. Brookhaven
Roblox Top Role Playing Games - Brookhaven

The city is yours and so are the people. This role-playing game allows you to create anything and everything. The player can have a family and enjoy being out with friends. You can take care of a kid and love a pet. 

The player can communicate with the other citizens and buy their own house or vehicles. Explore your place and play this calm, relaxing game like your own daily life and relish the adventure and a range of activities provided in Brookhaven. 

  1. Hospital Roleplay
Roblox Top Role Playing Games - Hospital Roleplay

In this role-play, choose your own role. You can be the doctor and save the lives of your patient. You can practice being a nurse and care for the sick or injured to bring them back to good health with your expertise and skills. If not these, be a patient and get yourself treated by doctors and nurses.

However, the game is not limited to the medical environment. You can do any other jobs and activities you prefer, alone or with friends. You can enjoy a picnic in the park or catch the criminals being police. It’s your game and the gameplay depends on your choice. 

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  1. Swordburst 2
Roblox Top Role Playing Games - Swordburst 2

The players in this amazing game are provided with armor, equipment, and weapons for beginners. Your job is to defeat the enemies and earn the game currency. The currency can be used to buy weapons and other armor from a range of shops. The game also provides trading elements. 

Players can use a mystic rotating portal located at the origin point of the floor they are currently on to teleport toward a different floor, but they must first defeat the floor’s boss in order to move on to the next.

  1. Backpacking
Roblox Top Role Playing Games Backpacking

The game provides a little different experience from the rest. You can create a campsite and host a camping event in the game, inviting other players. While exploring a rather substantial area with many types of sceneries, you can interact with other people.

The game is adventurous where the player can not only visit the city and its buildings but enjoy exploring the beautiful landscape and the wonders of nature. It won’t be wrong to say that the creators of the game brought up this amazing concept by collecting various such stories. So, enjoy backpacking with your friends. 

  1. Club Roblox
Roblox Top Role Playing Games - Club Roblox

Club Roblox is leading among the popular role-playing games on this platform. You can participate alone or with companions, construct a house, foster a child, acquire pets, and play a variety of mini-games, especially for you. 

The regular updates in the game keep you engaged in it. There is also a range of jobs for the players to choose from. You can buy or sell items and do or create whatever you desire. 

Wrap Up

Role-playing games are addictive and the most popular among gamers because it lets you do what you can’t in real life. Here, we have selected the Roblox Top Role playing games which you must try if you want to live a different, fictional, virtual but real life. 

Roblox Top Role Playing Games- FAQs

            What is the most popular roleplay game in Roblox 2022?

           There are numerous games to choose from but Brookhaven is leading the

           popular games list.

           What is the most played thing on Roblox?

           Games like Adopt Me and Club Roblox have a great number of plays and 


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