Simple methods to promote your YouTube video and be more popular

As an owner of a YouTube channel, your main aim will always be getting more viewers and followers of your channel. To get more subscribers and viewers to the channel, you have to figure out ways in which you can promote your channel. YouTube is a platform visited by many internet users today. However, to reach out to many users of the platform to view your videos and become subscribers, there are some simple methods you need to follow. The methods include;

Write user-friendly titles

When posting a video on your YouTube, your main aim is always to capture your audience’s attention and get more views. However, you can only achieve this if you write a user-friendly title or headlines. Most viewers always go for entertaining video content. To know if your video content might be enjoyable, most viewers will go by video title. If you create a grafting killer headline or title, you will stand a chance to attract more viewers on YouTube.

Figure out the needs of your audience.

When creating your video content, try to figure out what your audience is interested in more and embrace it. To know what your audience is interested in most, you will start by understanding your audience better. You can also consider looking for what your competitors are offering to the audience to help you know if they love it. After understanding your audience, try to create contents that are unique and much better than your competitors. This will make the viewers a reason of switching to your channel from your competitor’s channels.

Customize the thumbnails you create

When you customize your thumbnails, they will grab the attention of many viewers who will intern promote your YouTube channel. As in the normal case, the YouTube app will use a screenshot of the video content for thumbnails. Sometimes the selected image in the screenshot may be too blurry and not much appealing to the audience. However, when you customize the thumbnail, you can choose your preferred screenshot from the most effective part of the video as a thumbnail. It will also enable you to make some modifications to the image to be more attractive before using it as a thumbnail.

Cross-Promote your videos

Sometimes, you may find your video contents overlapping each other. This may result in form creating video content with similar titles or displaying the same topic. In such a case, it is essential to cross-promote the videos yourself. This includes making a point that squeezes out more from your older video content for it to look unique.

Use keywords as titles

Using strong keywords in your title will help you get ranked high on google search engine operation. It is much easier to promote your YouTube channel when it has good google search results. For instance, product reviews, always achieve higher rankings on google when their titles are keywords. This makes them easy to search and find on the google platform which will then direct them to your YouTube channel.

Encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel

You also need to talk to your viewers about your channel and encourage them to join it. For instance, if your video content is a series that covers some recurring topic, you can encourage the viewers to follow the series. This will help them view the full series and capture everything you presented in the video without skipping any part. It will also be much easier to promote the channel if the viewers can watch the full series and understand it. They will go by inviting their friends to also watch the series and increase the number of viewers on your channel.

Organize the content of your YouTube channel into a playlist.

When you have uploaded many videos to your YouTube channel, it may become difficult for the viewers to navigate through them. To avoid this challenge, you can create a video playlist for your channel. The playlist will help in organizing the videos in an order making them easy to follow and watch. The playlist will also make your videos more appealing to viewers in the channel. This makes it a simple yet perfect way to promote your YouTube channel.

Form collaborations with other brands

This is another tactic to promote your YouTube channel through collaboration with your competitors and brands. Through collaboration, you will get exposed to other viewers from a new audience. You can also consider collaborating with stars with more viewers on YouTube to enable you to get followers from their channels. However, to be successful in your collaboration, try to find the right partner. You can consider collaborating with content creators who have the same passion as you.

Publish updates on your channel on social media platforms

This is another trending way to promote your channel currently used by many YouTube stars.

By publishing your YouTube update to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you will attract more viewers. The social media platform users will easily follow your posts which will link them to your channel. In the process, they will become your subscribers and promote your channel. Posting your new video updates on social media will also alert your viewers to the new development on your channel. This will make them easily follow your video content in the channel sequentially.

Host a YouTube Contest

YouTube contests or getaways also help in promoting YouTube channels as it encourages many viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can host the contest by making viewers like your post, subscribe to your channel, and leave a positive comments on every video they watch. You can make the viewers cooperate by giving out some gifts to them. However, you should ensure that the gift is related to your brand in the channel. Because many people love being gifted, they will tend to start loving your channel and promote it to be awarded the gifts.


Everyone with a YouTube channel will always look for more viewers to promote their channels. They will always target several subscribers to help them grow their channel to make them reach the YouTube awards. if you have a YouTube channel, you will have to promote your channel to get more viewers and subscribers as required in the YouTube application. I hope you have learned from the blog how you can promote your channel.

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