Skyrim keeps crashing after Bethesda logo

Okay!! Let me discuss my experience of Skyrim with you guys. So, a few days back, I was about to play Skyrim and as soon as I opened the game, it started crashing automatically after the Bethesda logo. 

Damn! I was just shocked and didn’t know what exactly happened. So, like you all, I explored the internet and looked for ways to fix the issue. 

Well!! Thanks to the Steam community, for providing me with the Loot Fix method, and that works for me and my crashing issue got fixed. 

So, today, I will share that method with you guys! So, that you may also fix your Skyrim crashing issue itself. 

Why Does My Skyrim Keeps Crashing After Bethesda Logo?

This started happening, when I installed all the mods of the game, correctly. Till then, everything was fine, but after that as soon as the game started, not a single installed mod worked and my game crashed after the Bethesda Logo. 

It does not end here. I thought that may be the problem was with the installed mods. So, to fix this, I deleted all the mods and installed them again. 

Even after reinstalling the mods, my Skyrim keeps crashing after the Bethesda Logo. So, I got tired at this point and tried the other ways as discussed in the Steam Community to fix my error. 

[Solved] Skyrim Crashing After Bethesda Logo- Steam Community Fix!

According to the general discussions, on the Steam Community, Revalidating your Game files can be able to fix this crashing issue. If not, then you can try this method to fix the Skyrim crashing issue. 

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Loot Fix

The first effective method to fix the Skyrim crashing issue is Loot Fix. Now, there is Skyrim Load order optimization. Go to and download and install its latest version. 

Loot stands for Loot Order Optimization and it helps you to order your mods in the specific order of a list, that is necessary for running the game. 

Usually, a lot of mods can also result in crashes and bugs in the game which causes a lot of issues. So, to prevent this, we use Loot. 

Loot is software and when you open it, you can select multiple games. Select Skyrim, then scroll down to all of your mods. 

The Loot starts automatically and if the master file is missing, it tells you that a file cannot be opened or that it needs other files to operate. 

Then, you need to update your master list from the top of the screen, if you do install more mods after running the program. Click the three-line button from the top right for plugins and it will solve the plugins for you. 


Loot fix is the most effective method to fix the Skyrim crashing issue, as it worked for me. Read the steps carefully and do exactly what is mentioned and it will fix the issue. 

You can also try to reinstall the mods or revalidate your game files, before going for the Loot Fix. Maybe, it can resolve the issue as well.

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